Favorite mpd frontend?

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    • 9 jun 2008, 05:06

    Favorite mpd frontend?

    Currently I'm running Gimmix but I've run the gamut between a few of the GTK/Gnome clients and ncmpc/mpc, switching every so often when I see the flaws in each.

    What do you use?

    • Deeno9 sa...
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    • 11 jun 2008, 18:59
    minion (firefox sidebar frontend)
    mpc for scripting

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 11 jun 2008, 21:21

    • azarro sa...
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    • 18 jun 2008, 18:13
    in Fluxbox I use Sonata - nice and lightweight, GTK2
    in console ncmpc

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 18 jun 2008, 19:25
    minion for Firefox nice too

    • DrumScum sa...
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    • 19 jun 2008, 05:21
    I'm using the phpMp2 web interface. I have my mpd set-up to output to an icecast server, so I can listen to my entire collection anywhere I want.

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  • I use mpc, bound to my multimedia keys. With bash scripts, I use a search menu in X (should be on the mpd wiki... look for dmenu) and I can update both my library and playlist with another keybound script. I keep ncmpc and sonata around, though.

    • karakka sa...
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    • 23 jun 2008, 21:38


    • GagaPete sa...
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    • 24 jun 2008, 17:07
    Ario and ncmpc and my keyboard special keys with mpc.

    • kru_ sa...
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    • 27 jun 2008, 14:07

    sonata, mpc, ncmpc

    i like sonata... it's fast lightweight and has a nice gui. i use dwm and sonata is all in one and has all in one...



    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 29 jun 2008, 16:00
    mpc with keyboard bindings mainly and qmpdclient if I want a GUI app (what is almost never)

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 14 jul 2008, 15:02


    • aruseni sa...
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    • 15 jul 2008, 09:40
    ncmpc is my best

  • Re: Theremin

    karakka said:
    Theremin > all


    Theremin is the best client/frontend I've seen so far. Add keyboardbindings via mpc and you are in musicplayerheaven.

    • Wim37u sa...
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    • 16 jul 2008, 08:28


    Theremin is great. Now if only it could show a playlists contents without playing the tracks. I use Minion for that. And mpc of course.

  • alsolutely Sonata..
    great client

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 19 jul 2008, 22:53
    ncmpc as well. I used to use Sonata, but I've been living more and more in Emacs and ncmpc works really well with ansi-term mode.

    • meddlor sa...
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    • 22 jul 2008, 05:23
    ncmpc for me, sonata for ui-loving guests.

    • m4tth sa...
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    • 23 jul 2008, 19:38

    Favorite mpd frontend?

    highly using pitchfork through firefox and mpc on cmdline.

  • qmpdclient

  • telnet

  • Sonata has to take the biscuit, but ncmpc works great for those terminal moments..... :P

  • ncmpc

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  • gimmix, sonata, but most of all NCMPC

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