Mad-Hop Vol.2

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    • 1 maj 2011, 13:43

    Mad-Hop Vol.2


    MAD-HOP is proud to present Mad-Hop vol.2! Our second compilation features artists from all over the globe, with broad range IDM/glitchop/wonky electronica. New producers and evolving genres were brought to you from U.S.A, Germany, Russia, Poland, Hungary, England, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria and France.

    This time, a good electronic dose came from Filtercutter, Polyklinik and Parallel Concept (, the funky style of Daniel Drumz (, also Rhythm Baboon with a nice remix of a track from the new album by Lower Entrance ([url=] who is associated with U Know Me Records.

    We also got Minoo with a great remix of a classic B-ju track from 2007 (, I-Tone (ritmo sportivo,, Billion Dollar Quartet (aka B$Q from the Indigo Pyramid collective., Xperiment (also featured on Soulection., Headshotboyz (Chi Recordings. and Rebel Magazine and another digital echo of a dream by the one and only MusSck (

    As well as amazing tracks came from producers like Chocolate Girl, Grillo, Hibrid, Herrmutt Lobby, Jimbo Matsumoto, Miracle Libido, Lomovoloko, Lupid Ocampo and Two Left Ears.

    MAD-HOP continue to support this wide spectrum of electronic music. We wish to relate with everything that comes along and everyone who wants to participate in our community, that was originally formed as an internet group/forum, just chatting about IDM/glitchop/wonky style and genre. Now, with third compilation on the way and tones of producers and artists connected, all we can say is, Love!

    MAD-HOP vol.2, released 30th of April, available to download from:

    Spread the word and repost the link, if you feel the nasty beats as much as we do. We are going to keep up coming with more mAd projects, dope free music and pushing forward fresh talented artists who own the scene!! So watch this space……

    Keep it MAD!!

    *7.Polyklinik – Good Evening (night version)
    Courtesy of Svetlana Industries, drawn from Polyklinik’s upcoming EP
    (C) 2011 Mad-Hop. This Label copy information is the subject of Copyright Protection. All rights reserved.


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    • 10 maj 2011, 17:51

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