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Skapad den: 8 apr 2009
Beskrivning: is a project to help you keep track of what music you like and share that, with your new music, and meet new people who share your...

We're building a free network service that will let you share and discover new music. is a project to help you keep track of what music you like and share that, with your friends, discover new music, and meet new people who share your taste in music.

Complete public source code licensed under the GNU AGPL!
You own your own data!
Use our service, or run your own!
Get started and hacking today!
We're still in the alpha stages of the project, but many users and developers are actively using to share their listening habits.

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  • RJules3

    Libre.Fm an alternative to Last.Fm? My findings after using it for some days: I can't find any kind of social network there. No communications between members at all. Most members I stumbled upon aren't active. The statistics are extremely limited. Only the last scrobbled 100 songs are on the page. There are no different views possible on your charts. You can love tracks but I can't find my loved tracks on the page. Same with tags. I can't find the artists I'm listening to on the page. The charts are displaying only the 20 most listened to. My assessment so far: it's an experimental project. Even the 'beta' is far more developed and usable. The average Last.Fm user will never be satisfied by Libre.Fm in this state.

    8 jun 2015 Svara
  • wendell3

    If anyone is still alive in here, particularly that works on the project, we would appreciate some feedback on this: I am interested in committing time and financial resources, one way or another, but would like to know what is and is not possible.

    3 jun 2015 Svara
  • dylstew

    I connected my Lastfm account to, but I still don't have my stats on there? How do I do it?

    14 feb 2015 Svara
  • DouglasAWh

    Since there seems to be some questions about whether the project is dead:

    26 jan 2015 Svara
  • Costelongue

    Falconsoars, if I understood you well, and if there's no plugin available for musicbee for now, you still can (eventually) modify your hosts file to scrobble to ("step two" of this page), then redirect your scrobbles to via (see below, answer to PedroCorvino).

    23 jan 2015 Svara
  • Falconsoars

    Update on my attempts to get MusicBee to scrobble to I've tried absolutely every "trick" I can find in my web research and they've all failed. So I have to settle on continuing to use MusicBee and having my listening data freely disclosed to whoever asks CBS for it. I recommend though, to anyone using a player that scrobbles to it. Here is the most comprehensive list of them I've found:

    16 jan 2015 Svara
  • Falconsoars

    I'm interested in for one reason - privacy! You can remain as anonymous as you want on there, including not having your ip address recorded when you connect. I don't like what I've read about's corporate owner, CBS, turning over user listening data to the piracy police. They're watching for people scrobbling pre-release versions of music about to be released, since these would have to be pirate copies except in a relatively few cases where the artist, their friends, industry insiders, reviewers, dj's, etc. may have a pre-release promo version. I don't ever listen to these but that doesn't matter to me. I hate invasion of my privacy for any reason and I'm taking whatever steps I can to minimize it. I was hoping would be one of those steps, but unfortunately my preferred player now, MusicBee doesn't scrobble to Libre yet, so I'll have to wait until it does. Great idea though. Many thanks to the volunteer developers!

    15 jan 2015 Svara
  • PedroCorvino

    Fanx, Costelongue!

    16 sep 2014 Svara
  • Costelongue

    @PedroCorvino : you can scrobble from to - as I usually do, too - by going on the "Edit" (dedicated button) page of the user's page > then, go on "Connections to other services" and ask to "forward the scrobbles". Of course, first of all you should have configured your player to scrobble to :

    13 sep 2014 Svara
  • PedroCorvino

    Is there a way to scrobble => I would like to join the Libre community but I would like to keep my stats on and centralize them here

    31 aug 2014 Svara
  • Costelongue

    @Seodan, tenach & OrderedToTrash : the project is absolutely alive. It is supported by generous volunteers giving for free time and competencies. You can help by subscribing to the libre-fm mailing list : is going a slow (which may be a frustrating) path, but is going further and further thanks to the efforts of every person involved in the project.

    24 aug 2014 Svara
  • Seodan

    I am using only by now. Just because ... But there are seriously things missing: Yes, more stats - a monthly overview e.g. and then how to connect to other people after all? What about artist pages? Well, long list. I see from the blog that the last entry was December 2013 ( Does anyone know if the project continues?

    20 jul 2014 Svara
  • tenach

    I'd be completely sold on if they had more stats analysis, or if I could scrobble> until is supported by my audio player of choice.

    11 jul 2014 Svara
  • OrderedToTrash

    project is dead right?

    15 jun 2014 Svara
  • DouglasAWh

    I now do scheduling for Any Creative Commons bands should get in touch with me about an interview! You can hit me up here or email me at Also, I think he would be interested in speaking with developers...though I don't know how many of them there are here...

    8 maj 2014 Svara
  • realmue

    f you use Spotify, consider to give kudos to Thanks!

    24 apr 2014 Svara
  • TylerSchwend

    well this is gonna blow up since ruined player

    1 feb 2014 Svara
  • alexaceh

    Try 1by1, it works. Just edit URL in setting, put in

    26 maj 2013 Svara
  • StanTontas

    Just set up laptop>> A few more steps than I'd hoped, but they were mostly down to me using Amarok on this computer. (Needed the script from kde-apps, would much prefer a native solution)

    10 feb 2013 Svara
  • RRRRRicardo

    Is there anyone who knows how to make a plugin for MusicBee to scrobble to ? MusicBee is awesome and certainly wouldn't leave it to use another musicplayer, but i do really wan to scrobble to libre. Right now i don't use libre because of this.

    12 jan 2013 Svara
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