Anyone Fancy Supersonic 2011?

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    • 8 maj 2011, 20:36

    Anyone Fancy Supersonic 2011?

    I know they've yet to announce a single act, but this is the one festival I would seriously buy an early bird ticket for regardless.

    There's a lot of people on their website agitating for Melvins, John Zorn, Boredoms, Oxbow and Boris this year, but they usually have a healthy crop of noise (and noise-related) in there too. Bit of free-jazz, heavy-psych, bit of folk...

    Feel free to express a preference even if you live on the wrong continent.

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    • 25 maj 2011, 16:12
    I go every year, its the one thing I look forward to most. And the initial line-up announcements are up now! --

    a.P.A.t.T.: Despite the name they aren't a T.a.T.u. tribute band! Apparently they switch genres from song to song
    Agathe Max: Experimental French violinist who sounds likie she'll be similiar to another experimental French violinist I absolutely adore called Bela Emerson, i'm keeping an eye on this one...
    Antilles: "Antilles is a new act formed by three activists (Erik Minkkinen and Lionel Fernandez from Sister Iodine, Jerome Berg from The Berg Sans Nipple). Their music is a mind-blowing mixture of psych noise and tribal percussions. Dance, shake, forget time and space while listening to their mutant live show." (Capsule)
    Astro: Hiroshi Hasegawa of the noise band C.C.C.C (you need some Japanese noise!)
    Bardo Pond: Some Philadelphian drug-rock band i've been informed are quite good.
    Blarke Bayer / Black Widow: "Blarke Bayer / Black Widow are an experimental duo from Melbourne, Australia. Blarke Bayer is Ben Andrews, also a memberMy Disco and Agents Of Abhorrence; Black Widow is Robert MacManus, formerly a member of Grey Daturas." (Capsule)
    Cloaks: Dubstep DJ I missed him last year, so at least i've got another chance!
    Electric Wizard: !!! (say no more, i'm coming...)
    Eternal Tapestry: "Eternal Tapestry will make you wish you were raised in Portland. Eternal Tapestry will make you believe that mixing the experimental sounds of Jackie O’ Motherfucker, the drones of Barn Owl and the ambient folk flavors of Plankton Wat is possible".
    Fire! with Oren Ambarchi: Promises to be a bizarre combination of krautrock and improv.
    Lucky Dragons: I'm really pleased about this one. One of the most sucessful visual/collaborative/musical group of artists ever in my opinion.
    Monarch: French funeral doom of the slowest and nastiest variety.
    Pekko Käppi: Traditional folk artist who is apparently an expert in "Finnish runo-singing".
    Scorn: Napalm Death's Mick Harris's dark as fuck dubstep project. If his set in 2009 is anything to go by it promises to be a ejaculatory experience.
    Secret Chiefs 3: “Morricone-esque cinematic grandeur, midnight surf guitar, traditional Middle Eastern rhythms and time signatures, demonic death metal, and electronic deviance” (Pitchfork).
    The Skull Defekts: Swedens answer to Sonic Youth.
    White Hills: ...“the rightful heir to Hawkwind’s massive legacy.” (Goldmine)
    Wolves In The Throne Room: Meh'...
    Zombi: Personally I find them a tad boring.
    Zu93: Italian avant-rock band Zu + David Tibet! I know its not quite Current 93 proper but David Tibet is still David Tibet. Capsule could of had him sit on a chair and bite his fingernails for a whole performance and I still would of spaffed myself.

  • more acts announced... not especially noise-related, although tony conrad can make a violin sound pretty tortured

  • Anybody up for Supersonic this year? KK Null is back. Pity they didn't invite Kylie Minoise again.

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