The "I don't get it" thread!

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    • 14 sep 2009, 02:01

    The "I don't get it" thread!

    Okay, this community is sort of dead.

    Name 3 bands that everyone around you seems to like but you just don't get at all.

    Fleet Foxes
    Matt & Kim
    Bruce Springsteen

    Alternatively, add a random person from the community who's taste-o-meter ranks low compared to yours. Check out their radio station, you may be surprised!

  • The Dirty Projectors
    The National
    and of course: Kanye West

    True virtue is to do good without the incentive of holy redemption.
  • scott walker


  • frog eyes

    • hugweed sa...
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    • 21 feb 2010, 01:03

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    • 23 feb 2010, 01:20
    a place to bury strangers
    matt & kim
    bon iver.


    • pmcomp sa...
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    • 15 apr 2010, 17:26
    Most bands/arists with animal names.

    Animal Collective. Seriously.
    Panda Bear.
    Minus the Bear.

    Except I like grizzly bear. WTF.

  • Radiohead

  • Lady Gaga. Except I love the song "Monster." But as an artist: idgi.

    And in the end, the love you make, is equal to the love you take.
  • sting and the police
    the klaxons (i bought this and threw it away....seriously)
    most RNB stars that are 'well good'

    Some people say that Kate bush is a visionary genius, i just thinks she's a bird with a silly voice - Adam Buxton
  • Bon Iver
    Regina Spektor
    Arcade Fire

  • matt & kim

  • band of horses
    something corporate
    anything with more than a couple lines of screaming

  • Janelle Monae

  • Keisha
    Florence + the Machine
    Marina & Diamond

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