Fetch missing artwork from within iTunes

    • tguignar sa...
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    • 16 jun 2006, 10:26

    Fetch missing artwork from within iTunes

    Hi there

    has anyone experience with a plugin that allows for automated artwork search within iTunes? Many of my earlier albums have missing artwork and having to copy it every time from amazon is a tedious task.

    I have tried Corripio but it's not very practical and reliable. Plus, it's a separate software and not bundled into iTunes.

    Any ideas?

    On my Linux box at work I use the amaroK player, which has such a functionnality (very neat!).

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  • I forgot to mention in my in my Cool iTunes App post that iTunes Catalog 2 is also a artwork manager. It will automatically dl album art from Amazon and copy it to iTunes.

    As for freeware I think there is a program called UtiliTunes or something like that.

  • Ya, the program is called Utilitunes, it's shareware. Here is the Version Tracker link.

    • tguignar sa...
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    • 19 jun 2006, 08:23


    Quoth Post-Rocker:
    Ya, the program is called Utilitunes, it's shareware. Here is the Version Tracker link.

    OK, thanks, I'll check that out.

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    • Momofunk sa...
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    • 16 jul 2006, 23:57
    Just found the forum here, but thought I'd share. Art Collector is a pretty decent piece of software for snagging album art. Combined with Menuet and Growl notification, it's a pretty sweet package. Been playing with it for a couple of weeks now, and really been loving it.

    Plus, Menuet is what introduced me to Last.fm, so there's got to be something to be said for that too! :)

    EDIT: Whoops, just noticed you wanted something as a plug-in for iTunes itself. This doesn't quite fit the fill for that, but it still might be worth checking out.

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    • moloo sa...
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    • 20 jul 2006, 14:09
    try Corripio ... works great.
    edit> just realized you already tried that

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    • Sinjin sa...
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    • 26 jul 2006, 19:35

    Fetch Art

    I use an applescript/app combo called 'Fetch Art'.

    It's here now:

    I like it because it lets me pick from multiple different sites to get art from, and lets me preview it before it actually inserts it into my songs. Works well with lists of songs too.

  • Can iTunes get album artwork from Last.fm?

    When I download one of my band's tracks from last.fm, and place it in iTunes, how can iTunes get the artwork? Does iTunes only query one place for album art? Can Last.fm give iTunes the artwork, or can I pass it with the song somehow when I prep it for upload to Last.fm.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    Also - am I missing something that you cant subscribe to a thread here?

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    • Sinjin sa...
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    • 23 feb 2007, 07:43

    Artwork with songs

    Sure, why not put the art into the ID3 tag that's in almost all mp3s? I even put front and back cover art in there.

    i didn't subscribe to this thread, but ran into it in My Dashboard here, in the Reply Tracker tab. I keep a URL to My Dashboard in my browser.

  • CLUTTER (@ Sprote.com)

    I've been using Clutter for a couple of years. works great. searches Amazon first (a preference setting), then allows for a google search if that doesn't work.

    Open source, too.

    • toto271 sa...
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    • 26 apr 2008, 12:50

    iTunes Album Browser for MS-Windows

    i tried that one link but it also only uses amazon and makes it easier to use google images

    but i'm still looking for a last.fm -> itunes album art importer

    windows/osx all welcome
    we dont have to worry for linux amarok probably does it already

    • Sinjin sa...
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    • 2 maj 2008, 17:15

    Art Collector

    Absolutely best album cover picker/installer for those who have lots of complete albums to deal with. On OSX, of course... the drag and drop ability makes it so much easier and faster. It lets you preview the possible images, highlights which items still need artwork, and has audio feedback.

    • Eingang sa...
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    • 9 maj 2008, 07:24
    Here's a revised address for Menuet/ArtCollector as the developer has turned them into "CharityWare" and the original site links don't work for downloading:


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  • If you try to do it within iTunes, sometimes if you haven't bought the tracks from the store, the artwork will come up black. Just FYI.

    I am the being for which being is an issue.
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