Multiple Scrobbles when only played track once

    • tmunki sa...
    • Användare
    • 6 mar 2012, 21:04

    Multiple Scrobbles when only played track once

    Every time I play SBTRKT on my iPod, iScrobbler scrobbles it 12 times - why is this? As much as I love SBTRKT it's created a false representation of plays in my chart!

    Thanks for anyone who can resolve this issue for me...

  • Funny thing is, I stopped using the scrobbler because it was doing that to me and started using iScrobbler instead. I'd love to know too because it seems like it isn't just restricted to any one scrobbling software.

    • dnavarro sa...
    • Användare
    • 4 dec 2013, 01:00
    I have the reverse problem. Multiple repeated plays will register as one -- flr example, if I had one track on repeat all day, it will scrobble as a single play.

    I hadn't even noticed until I realized just how pulverized my charts are since I got back to the iPod Classic.

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