gingerbread patriots as CMJ/Sonicbids spotlight artist

    • minklet sa...
    • Användare
    • 18 dec 2006, 00:23

    gingerbread patriots as CMJ/Sonicbids spotlight artist

    Dear John Congratulations! Gingerbread Patriots have been selected as this week'sCMJ/Sonicbids Spotlight artist. You'll be highlighted on both the CMJ and Sonicbids home pages for one week, and one artist each month will beselected for inclusion on the cd that comes with either the CMJ NewMusic Monthly or the New Music Report. Thank you for entering and we wish you continued success.

    Best regards,
    Matt McDonald
    CMJ Showcase Director

    • jhughey sa...
    • Användare
    • 6 jan 2007, 10:36


    Way to go...
    Just wondering, as a person unfortunatly born in 1986 finding himself just under 21, is the Towne Lounge gig open to me?
    If not, is there anyway I could be part of the crew or security or the like to by pass this foolish law? ( ;
    Thanks for the music,

    • minklet sa...
    • Användare
    • 14 jan 2007, 21:15
    ah, i'm afraid not. and even crew/band members all have to be 21. if you have a parent that would be willing to go with you, you might be able to get in that way. i don't know what the laws are here, but in new mexico & texas you can get into bars with a parent/legal guardian or if your spouse is over 21.

    we're trying to get more all ages shows, so hopefully you can see us in the near future!

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