GNs Compilation - Jazzy Puzzle

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    • 28 feb 2010, 09:04

    GNs Compilation - Jazzy Puzzle

    One of the most popular netlabels blogs is celebrating its 3rd birthday! Yet, this jubilee is so different because instead of receiving presents we decided to give away one – the freshest compilation from the Consistent notes devoted to nu- jazz, hip- hop and downtempo sounds – that’s what attracts our readers, but it’s hard to treat this blog just like another average music diary. Especially when the author, Matam, once in a while provides you with some mixes and compilations made by himself. You just got his mixtape recorded together with Master’s Voice and released few weeks ago. Now it’s time for his newest compilation to hit the streets – the ‘Jazzy Puzzle.’ You’ll find there artists such as Mead, BandFX, Crockram, Suhov, Scatabrain, and many more. Tempting indeed.
    Design cover by Zusta
    Compilated by Matam.
    Thanks to notheen,, arek.

    01 BandFX - Jazzy Puzzle
    02 Maed - Out of this
    03 Spisek - Artysta
    04 Nienvox - Inaspin (feat. 813)
    05 Airnino - 4 minutes off
    06 Airnino - Re-Note (Denote remix)
    07 Lokua - Rainy Monday
    08 Thallus - Then and then
    09 Just Plain Ant - Out Of My Head
    10 Crookram - Bij de rest
    11 Suhov - Ahmadone
    12 Crookram - Business is business
    13 Thallus - Kot
    14 Scatabrainz - Got Me (feat. Naomi)
    15 Masters Voice - 30 cm (Fisz remix)
    16 Numer 6 - Pod niebem (Printempo remix)
    17 BandFX - Re-Manhattan blues
    18 M.W.D. - Space
    19 Enbe - Lyric


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