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    you might have realized that different genres, subgenres, styles and musical scenes of contempory jazz music are combined in this group - intentionally. usually the concept of 'future jazz' or the 'future sound of ...' is shortened to electronically produced beats and electronic jazz. there are a lot of wordings (and confusions) used in this context :

    acid jazz
    groove jazz
    downtempo jazz
    future jazz
    electronic jazz
    even ... trip-hop

    actually, we are in the realm of what people call :

    contemporary jazz fusion
    funk jazz
    lounge jazz
    acid jazz
    free jazz
    experimental jazz
    orchestral jazz
    ambient jazz
    latin jazz
    salsa jazz
    soul jazz
    tango jazz / neo-tango
    flamenco jazz
    world jazz
    klezmer jazz
    gypsy jazz
    jazz hop / jazz rap
    house jazz / jazz house
    dark jazz / funeral jazz
    third stream
    etc. etc.

    not everything is new, but in every niche we can observe (and listen to) avant-garde events, and there is a lot of crossovers between those fields and cultural influences (e.g. afrobeat, arabesque music), and revivals are hip (e.g. neo-swing). this is exciting, and the borderline between nostalgia and futurism sometimes seems to be very narrow.

    if you want a role model for future jazz, it's EST.

    the esbjörn svensson trio ( R.I.P. esbjörn ) was one of the most exciting jazz trios today. esbjörn svensson once said about their music : "i guess, it's jazz, but it's not what jazz was." they brought jazz to a rock audience not only by their vibrant sound with some "electronica"-derived rhythms but also by unusual instrumentation : prepared piano and distorted doublebass ( reusing innovations from modern avantgardists like john cage and karlheinz stockhausen ).

    in some way, it's the way jimi hendrix innovated the electric guitar ...

    okay, i threw this in in order to start a discussion ...

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