twee music + vampires?

  • twee music + vampires?

    has anyone else noticed a lot of twee artists refer to vampires in some of their songs? is there a story/reason behind this at all? not complaining - i'm all about it, actually!

    here comes the vampires: bunnygrunt, if you take away the make-up (then the vampires they will die): tullycraft, born on a train: the magnetic fields, etc.

    and i realize a lot of the songs don't actually mean 'vampires' in the literal sense (or maybe they do? heh idk) and also that the particular song by the magnetic fields isn't really 'twee,' but i read somewhere that that entire album is inspired by vampires, so you know...

    this is probably a silly thread, but i was just curious if anyone else has noticed this, lul.

    Redigerad av kellympreston den 25 jul 2013, 04:28
  • Parades Go By, The Magnetic Fields

    I'll linger here your ring upon my finger dear
    and sing till dawn
    a song of you and me and what and why
    for time is all
    I have to keep between these walls
    and half asleep the days go by
    a million little nights and days go by
    and I don't mind
    Parades go by
    So many beautiful parades go by
    Leave me behind
    I'll sit and stare
    how could I venture anywhere
    and let the centuries fall where they may
    but never die
    for I have loved
    and so I lost the world above
    beyond the moss...

  • Papa Topo - La Chica Vampira (altough this song couldn't be labelled as "twee", but the previous ones are)

  • Early Magnetic Fields (i.e. their first 2 albums with Susan Anway on vocals) is twee as fuck, but I wouldn't really call their later albums twee.

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