Commix - RA. 229; techno filled mix

  • Commix - RA. 229; techno filled mix

    If you guys are interested, Commix came out with a full techno mix, which is quite interesting since they're known for dnb.

    01.Sigha - Light Swells In A Distant Place [Hotflush]
    02.STL - Silent State [Smallville]
    03.BCR Boys - Delete [Synewave]
    04.Pattern Repeat - A1 [Pattern Repeat]
    05.454. - When I Think Of Music [Horizontal Ground]
    06.Mike Dehnert - Umlaut2 (ID Remix) [Fachwerk]
    07.Shed - Wax 30003-A [Wax]
    08.MRSK - Black Keith [From Sweden]
    09.Skudge - Mirage [Skudge]
    10.Shifted - Masking
    11.Photek - Solaris [Virgin]
    12.Commix - Emily's Smile (Sigha Remix) [Metalheadz]
    13.A Made Up Sound - Demons [A Made Up Sound]
    14.Truzt - Djeep

    Let me know if the link dies or isn't working

    [ a strangely isolated place ]
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