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Group dedicated to denpa songs.

FOR NEWS & INFO VISIT 電波の世界: (in English)

Denpa (電波) means “electro-magnetic wave” in Japanese, and denpa-kei (電波系), or denpa-type, is a term for the kind of strange people who seem to be listening to something that only they can hear (in other words, picking up some weird radio waves). It doesn’t just apply to the kind of weirdos who run around wearing tinfoil hats, though, it has come to extend to people who live off in their own little dream worlds and have trouble communicating with the real world (mostly otaku). So, in essence, denpa songs are songs made to appeal to these types of people.

As with such vaguely defined subculture concepts as moe, the definition of what makes a person or a song denpa can vary wildly depending on who you ask, but generally accepted features of denpa music are:

1) Music and vocals that are politely termed “overly enthusiastic,”and often intentionally horrid.
2) Lyrics that have no meaning (I know translators who’ve lost years of their life to denpa songs).
3) Frequent use of sound effects to fill space, usually sung (examples: “chu chu!” and “yaaaaaay!”).
4) An uncanny ability to get stuck in your head.


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