Seabound & Iris

  • Seabound & Iris

    Seabound & Iris

    Chicago, Illinois
    March 20, 2008

    tix on sale at

    only $12 + 2.50 processing

    i am totally stoked about this one! :D

  • if you didnt go, i feel bad for you cuz you missed an amazing show

    • mxkittie sa...
    • Användare
    • 30 mar 2008, 15:29
    I was definitely there! One of the best performances I've seen here yet.

    Wish I could have made it to the Black Sun Festival in New Haven though, too expensive : (

  • Iris...ugh...

    You know, the show started pretty damn good! Echonine rocked my fucking socks off! I hadn't heard of them before but man, they were good! I was upset to see they didn't have any CDs at the vender table.


    Fucking Iris...I hadn't heard such trash sinse...sinse that one chode played at...whatever show that was I whent to. I think it was Skinny Puppy. Acumen Nation? God they sucked...not as bad as Iris though!

    I whent to the show for Seabound. I had been waiting years for them to come back tot he states and damnit if they had to show up with this trash. Normaly, say...if I see VNV Nation, Ronan can get me out of a funk if the opening band (imperitive reaction *gags a little*) sucked but, unfortunatly Frank just wasn't powerful enough to cleanse me of Iris.

    THEN! of course on one of my favorite damned songs, 'Watching Over You' he brings out the singer for Iris! what in god's name is going on here?! *shakes head* it was aweful.

    Frank, a great man.

    Echonin, absolutly phenominful!

    Iris, holy christ...go back to the old stuff and stay away from synthpop.

  • I was still in sanfran for this show... sorry i missed it, i really want to see seabound :/

    Justice for the living; Vengeance for the dead.

    Chicago Is Burning
    • mxkittie sa...
    • Användare
    • 11 apr 2008, 11:19

    Good thing I wasn't the only one...

    Yeah, I hated Iris too! I spent most of the set trying to convince my boyfriend not to leave right then, even though they were hurting both of us. Instead we got some alcohol, lol. Anybody notice that all of their songs sounded exactly the same??? During "Watching Over You" I just closed my eyes and blocked that guy out ; )

  • haha, Thank god someone agrees! The crowd sure seemed to have liked them a lot. And...ugh... ... I'm still bent out of shape about the whole duet thing. damnit!

  • Here ya go, i know you all want this badly: free mp3 of the "Watching Over You" duet, courtesy of Seabound. ;)

  • oh god...why...WHYYYY?!

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