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fans of the see dee see family

membership in this group does not imply (nor does it preclude) membership in any of the cDc triumvirate of groups

cDc communications (parent organization of CULT OF THE DEAD COW, Ninja Strike Force, and Hacktivismo) is an on-line media consortium/hacker think-tank that created the original e-publication in 1984. The cDc has been releasing original music since 1991, hustling cassettes out of the trunks of cars on the East Side of LBK. cDc pioneered The Next Big Thing, MP3s, in 1997 with our first Internet-distributed single "Kingpin" which achieved over a million hits. Platinum plaques, baby. Steaming, juicy tracks will be surging their way all over your eager face, stinging your eyes and smelling of bleach. Do you want the love? Tell me you want the love!

Where is the love?
You're soaking in it!

You're bad. So bad.

Who loves you? Nobody loves you but cDc.

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