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  • Nils_1989

    an't bike without music!!

    januari 2013
  • ballydancer

    Hi all, ride safe. :)

    september 2012
  • ErickCampos

    I love my bike *-*

    oktober 2010
  • ibkw34

    burn fat not oil :)

    september 2010
  • pantalpha

    Bicycle bicycle bicycle I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where I like ^^

    mars 2010
  • Jrodn

    I also love my bike(s) plus I love listening to podcasts on long rides... not to many other times for me to focus into a podcast

    mars 2010
  • CaiUnderground

    Bike + Music = ♥_♥ alguém aí já viu os vídeos da PROPS ?....anyone here ever seen the videos of PROPS BMX

    november 2009
  • Stephenite

    "...if you buy your bicycle a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, you get to eat them all.” :) quote from Scott Martin, roadbikerider.com

    november 2009
  • _KevMusic_

    I love to ride my bike. I do, I do, I do :)

    september 2009
  • tzboro

    Born to ride - ride to die ;]

    februari 2009
  • ziodennis

    scrobbling bicycles, join the Critical Mass!

    november 2008
  • ziodennis

    there's a song by Paolo Conte that says " una bici non si ama, si lubrifica" that means: you don't love a bike, you lubrificate it! folks, remember to join the criticalmass group on lastfm!!

    november 2008
  • tvasidigtknippe

    i am also in love with my bicycle.

    september 2008

    i am also in love with my bicycle.

    september 2008
  • namilolo

    I'm in love with my bicycle

    september 2008
  • Stephenite

    Any one happen to notice the 8 (ie. EIGHT) gold medals Great Britain won? ... and most of the winners train in my hometown Manchester. gloat, gloat ;)

    augusti 2008
  • Stephenite

    What are these artist connections about? Any reason for them?

    augusti 2008
  • Stephenite

    Back in the saddle again :) Had last 2 bikes nicked and its been 8 long months of penny-pinching but i'm on the road again. Sore in the nether regions tho.. All hail the bike

    augusti 2008
  • tilltokill

    Hi. I'm an amateur biker and i love cycling at nights...

    juli 2008
  • baranyiatti

    Ride to Live, Live to Ride

    juni 2008
  • aaronlewis

    woohoo i got my 1st well semi pro bike i guess XD so i decided to join ^^

    april 2008
  • shq-le

    Ryan Cox R.I.P.

    augusti 2007

    ciao a tutti i bikers mtb & route

    april 2007