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    I have some dvds I would like to put on my zune, but I can't find a free program that doesn't have some sort of ad blocking the screen when I play the file or have some sort of restriction to how much of the dvd I can rip. Does anyone know of any free programs I could use for this problem to convert my dvd into a zune file?


    You can use eRightSoft SUPER. Its a video converter for Zune (and many other formats) but its not exactly created for DVDs.


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    • malmeyer sa...
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    • 12 dec 2007, 23:51


    I downloaded the SUPER application to try and convert some mpg's to something the Zune will play but I am getting some errors. Could someone post a screenshot of the settings that have been successful at this? Maybe I just have some mpg's that won't convert. I have tried both Microsoft - Zune and MP4 as the output but haven't been able to convert one yet.


    • malmeyer sa...
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    • 15 dec 2007, 01:04
    I solved my issues by downloading a Windows package with some missing encoder dll's. I'm good to go.

  • i thought the new zune would be able to sync any type of video... i guess not.

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