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Skapad den: 5 sep 2004
For all the people who love Zoot Woman

The sharply dressed Zoot Woman is a three-man pop group that owes as much to Hall & Oates as Pet Shop Boys. Stuart Price (bass) met brothers Johnny (guitar, vocals) and Adam Blake (keyboards) while at school in Reading, England. Though the group's basic setup is much like a rock band, electronics play a significant role in their sound. They began recording during the late '90s but didn't make their full-length debut until 2001; signed to Wall of Sound, Living in a Magazine came first, while a self-titled -- and more organic -- follow-up came in 2004. They've released several singles, most of which have featured club-oriented remixes from the likes of Todd Edwards, Le Knight Club, and Paper Faces. While the group has gained a significant amount of notoriety across Europe, Price's DJ, production, and remix work as Les Rhythmes Digitales and Jacques Lu Cont (including time spent with Madonna, No Doubt, Cornershop, and Goldfrapp) might be known to more people overall. (allmusic.com)

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