• Bit Rates

    What are your bit rates? I keep my bit rate at 128 kbps, just to fit more songs into my 20 gb mp3 player. It's still pretty much high quality to me; even though everyone says that 192 is the lowest kbps a song can be kept w/o losing quality. Converting to 128 just saves a ton of space on my computer.

  • Me too

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    • Srymjoo sa...
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    • 14 apr 2007, 01:42
    36 kbps its the way to go.
    naw just kidding, 128 is pretty standard for me sometimes ill have it higher

    • Skimma sa...
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    • 14 apr 2007, 10:19
    192 minimum. preferably 320.

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  • 192Kbps for me i run a webradio and i stream at 192Kbps
    44KhZ but 128 it's very standard compression lowest than this kind suck
    only okay on AAC+ or MP3pro

    • Cylob sa...
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    • 4 maj 2007, 20:49
    128KB is what I ripped my CD's at (before shipping them to the attic).

    There's no way I'm going back up there for the sake of an extra 64KB that my ears can hardly detect anyway.

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  • 128 for tracks i don't really listen to & 320 for the classics

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  • Extra Space vs. Quality.

    I'm with the extra space.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 20 jun 2007, 01:34
    Anywhere from 128-320 KBPS. I never use FLAC, as it's not my concern.

  • 320 is the min but it's mostly 1024kbps <3 FLAC

    • Jazz13 sa...
    • Användare
    • 16 aug 2007, 20:02
    Skimma said:
    192 minimum. preferably 320.

    same here. i have some at 128, but i rip at 192.
    anything below 128 sounds awful.

  • 192 Kbps, but I prefer 320...

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  • 192kBit on my computer, but for my mobile MP3 player I convert them to Q6 VBR with lame, which averages 115kBit. That's still enough quality (mostly I can't hear a difference) and saves me some space.

    • edwyn sa...
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    • 27 aug 2007, 06:47
    I often rip at the highest VBR setting.

    • evoROD sa...
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    • 23 sep 2007, 22:19
    Well i try to download 192kbps or higher, i like High VRB encoding when i gotta rip cds, but i'm starting to get into FLAC, i prefer quality better than HD space, HDs get cheaper everyday.

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    • geango21 sa...
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    • 20 okt 2007, 22:40
    160 here, has never given me any problems

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 31 okt 2007, 05:35
    Everything lossless then 320 onto theipod.
    I come from the world of vinyl, so try to keep the detail.

  • I think 192 is the lowest... I think you can hear a difference in the quality of the sound if you have lower than that...

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 17 mar 2008, 12:14

    but like most people, lol... I prefer 320

  • I rip CDs to FLAC and try to download 192kbps minimum. Ogg > mp3 in that respect.

  • Mostly 128. The quality is good and I can't even notice the difference, actually.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 6 jun 2008, 02:21
    I rip my CDs as 256 kbps CBR AACs. It takes up a big amount of space, but I get great sound quality as a result. As for MP3s, I usually look for 192 kbps or higher. I can't fucking stand 128 kbps files, I know they don't take up much space but the sound quality is atrocious. Recently I've been trying to rid my library of 128 kbps MP3s and replacing them with files with a higher bitrate.

  • i prefer quality better than space, harddisks getting cheaper everyday, and for me a longtime vinyl-junkie with tube-amps in my stereo, i can hear the differenc between a flac and 128kbps and ive never been satisfied with Vbr
    thats why i rip my cds with 320 kbps and download a minimum of 192 kbps

  • 192, 320

    • mollten sa...
    • Användare
    • 4 jul 2008, 20:45
    192 minimum unless it is a hard to find bootleg.

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