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    • 25 maj 2008, 12:59

    best albums

    so, what albums should i be looking for the next time im in the thrift store? i.e. whats hot and whats not of the doobies, mcdonald solo stuff, loggins, etcetera? not to mention hall & oates, the ugly ladies.

  • You will want to get What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits and Takin' It to the Streetsby the Doobies and Michael MacDonald's and If That's What It Takes. Loggins helped out

    Obviously get Keep The Fire by Kenny Loggins, (MacDonald on Back up) but I would keep it to that. Pick up any Loggins and Messina you can find.

    Steely Dan is really where its at for actually good music, anything between 1976 and 1984 counts as . In particular get The Royal Scam.

    Toto's first album is great, but not Yacht Rock, I'd recommend the one with Africa on it.

    Don't get any Hall and Oates! They are not Yacht Rock! They are Rock. Also beware of Kenny Loggins Keep the Fire too, the loud drums and screaming vocals make Koko roll in his grave. After that album he is a .

    Be careful, once you begin down this dark path, forever will it control your destiny.


  • Correction

    Sorry! Wrong Doobies album, what you really want is Minute By Minute, the other is a great album but not Yacht Rock.

    Keep the Fire

  • Christopher Cross - self titled

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