'days of speed' better than 'catch flame'

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    • 2 aug 2006, 21:20

    'days of speed' better than 'catch flame'

    i thought that latest album was gunna be a blinder but it still dont beat me fav live album ever, anyone disagree and think catch flame is better?

    • St0rm sa...
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    • 9 aug 2006, 15:27
    days of speed is better, as it contains jam and style council tracks how can it fail to be :)

    there's a live bootleg of the paul weller movement in concert floating around which some of us have got. if anyone wants it, let me know

  • Paul Weller Movement

    Is it the same as the live Video from Brixton Acad ?
    Or is it from a different venue ?

    Peace and Love

    B*$£%$d going to have listen to them both again now!

    The Kids Are Screaming For That James Brown Style !!!!
  • Days is my fave Weller LP as it happens.

    Catch Flame is just about ok - I can't say I play it at all other than on shuffle random!

    • Dadal1er sa...
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    • 1 mar 2008, 03:42
    I prefer Days Of Speed too, as the Heliocentric trax which seemed a bitt dull to me are much improved in the acoustic context. Love-Less or Science give me the chills. And as you said, it's got Jam & Style Council :p
    Catch Fire is about ok to me, but I prefer Live Wood to it. Anyways, they're all worthwhile.

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    • 4 jul 2008, 17:40
    just been listening to days of speed, he does those heliocentric songs more justice live and acoustic

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