Weeds: Best TV series ever?

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    • 11 dec 2006, 00:44

    Weeds: Best TV series ever?

    Well I don't know. But some parts are just above everything else.
    Anyway, who's your favourite character in Weeds?
    I think Andy is by far the coolest of them all. Oh and I just love Kat and her sweet freakiness.

    • tieri_p sa...
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    • 4 mar 2007, 22:33

    Yes it is !

    Weeds is just amazing ! It used to be broadcast last year on Canal+ (sort of french HBO or Showtime) and I told to myself : at least another intersesting series. The other ones were sex & the city and Six feet under. Mary Louise Parker is such a good actress. But I've definitely felt in love with Justin Kirk ! That guy.. hmm.

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    • aWak3N sa...
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    • 20 maj 2007, 21:51
    Weeds is one of the best TV-series ever. the guys there are just so funny. nancy, andy and doug. but the best one ist shane! its just so insane when he is filming himself as a terrorist...

  • The whole cast is amazing, but I think my faves are Celia and Nancy and...

  • Just watched Californication. Seems Showtime just rocks with it's shows :)

    • Thizzia sa...
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    • 16 sep 2007, 20:14
    Best show ever along with Six Feet Under and maybe Dexter.

    Seems like I'm one of the few who doesn't like Andy at all. My faves are Nancy - she's awesome - and Celia.

    As long as guest stars, I loved Kat.

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  • Yes, one of the best. Andy is awesome, along with the whole cast.

  • its my second favourite comedy tv show ever - the first is 'scrubs', ofc. my favourite character? i love isabelle, doug's and andy's conversations and 'great' ideas, i love nancy drinkin' coffee.
    that show is great!

  • Showtime definitely has the greatest shows. Weeds is my absolute favorite show of all time!...closely followed by The Office.

    • IanAR sa...
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    • 27 jul 2009, 14:53
    Not IMO, but has about the best soundtrack of any current - Ian

  • This show is hilllllarious. I love Nancy, Andy, and esp Cecilia...she's such a crazy bitch, i can't get enough of her shit!

    • IanAR sa...
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    • 2 aug 2009, 11:41
    sirenonthe101 said:
    i can't get enough of her shit!
    Me neither! I guess I'll just have to stop planting roses, or find some alternative manure - Ian

    • WiJoCo sa...
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    • 26 aug 2009, 04:19
    I can't think of a tv series that I've felt so strongly about since I was a pre-teen and loved the show Perfect Strangers (which I still love). Weeds stands out above anything else I've seen so I really can't argue against it.
    I love the writing and everyone on the show. Pretty much every other show has at least one regular character that I hate, but everyone is fantastic.

    • WiJoCo sa...
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    • 1 sep 2009, 22:39
    After seeing the end of season 5's finale, I say Hell Yes! Go Shane!

  • Shit man,
    I cannot wait to see the 6. Season. :O

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  • Seriousily I think it's the best show ever
    For characters I love them all but I love Silas the most(Hunter Parrish)

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