We want old Biffy in the top charts.

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Skapad den: 15 nov 2010
Fans of their older works unite.

No longer do we have to sit and endure the domination of the Biffy charts by songs from Puzzle and Only Revolution's.

No longer must Infinity Land, Blackened Sky and The Vertigo of Bliss be sidelined as "inferior" works by radio 1 fanboy listeners, as reflected in the charts.

It is a time to place 57 above Mountains, Scary Mary above Machines, Eradicate the Doubt above Who's Got A Match.

Together this can be achieved. Together we can get old Biffy in the top charts.

Plan of action - our aim is to get enough members (1,500 or so) in order to be able to challenge the current top tracks in the Biffy charts with their older material. When we have enough members, a message will be sent to each member to play particular Biffy tracks (for example Justboy/ The Kids from Kibble/ etc) over the course of several weeks. Its unlikely that we'll knock off Mountains from the top but we may be able to get a few oldies in the charts. As a planned collective this can be achieved.

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  • bodyinflight

    We need a female in this group. Its a right sausage fest.

    18 nov 2010 Svara
  • Jonzo67

    Lol, why didn't we think to make a group before?

    17 nov 2010 Svara
  • bodyinflight

    Some new Biffy is indeed awesome. The group is just about trying to get those who never have to listen to their older (and superior) works. When people look at a bands top charts that is usually the material that they begin to listen to, it is usually their "best" material. The case with Biffy is that more casual listeners seem to ignore what are incredible pieces of music, ie the first 3 records. Don't worry buzz-in, Christmas is around the corner, Cliff will be back.

    15 nov 2010 Svara
  • markot93

    What's wrong with new Biffy ? They're both great ...

    15 nov 2010 Svara
  • buzz-in

    This group needs more Cliff Richard.

    15 nov 2010 Svara