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    • 6 mar 2008, 01:03

    Alison Krauss

    Alison Krauss

    Alison Krauss and Union Station

    Alison Krauss - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Alison Krauss-The Lucky One

    Alison Krauss : Rolling Stone

    CMT.com : Alison Krauss : Artist Main

    When you say Nothing at all - Alison Krauss

    A Living Prayer by Alison Krauss

    Let me touch you for a while by Alison Krauss

    Alison Krauss - Restless

    Missing You - Alison Krauss

    Robert Plant | Alison Krauss

    AskMen.com - Alison Krauss

    Alison Krauss and Robert Plant Duet for Raising Sand

    Alison Krauss - AOL Music

    Grand Old Opry Members: Alison Krauss

    Bonnie Raitt & Alison Krauss: YOU

    The Chieftains & Alison Krauss - Molly Ban

    Alison Krauss - Biography and Profile of Alison Krauss

    • blabbers sa...
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    • 5 apr 2008, 15:10
    wow. you must be a big alison fan, since it must have took some time to get all this stuff.

    i kinda like her voice. especially her cover of "when you say nothing at all"

    her voice is smooth, thin, light. very relaxing.

    to move closer next to you. (:
    • ageskim sa...
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    • 21 dec 2009, 12:52


    haven't taken much time for Alison but come to think of it she must be really great. thanx Alfred

    • ageskim sa...
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    • 21 dec 2009, 12:55


    she did the 'whisky Lullaby' duet with Brad Paisley? didnt know that.

    • wingkon sa...
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    • 28 feb 2010, 17:59
    I loved her ever since I heard "I'll Fly Away" on the Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack

  • Wow,it took you some real time to do all that for us,Alfred,and we surely appreciate it.

    Alison Krauss has the voice of an angel,and the beauty to go along with it as well. I enjoy her music alot.

    My uncle has all her CDs,and I heard alot of her earlier music there.

    Know Music, Know Life. No Music, No Life.
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