the best 'worst' singing ever

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    • 17 maj 2007, 01:35

    the best 'worst' singing ever

    all you kids should go listen to "Mellow My Mind" by Neil Young, off of 'Tonight's The Night.' Neil's voice is absolutely atrocious on this track, and absolutely beautiful. Sure, it makes you wince, but it makes you feel Neil's honest pain.

    The best music shouldn't be 'easy listening.'

    That's why everyone hates Yanni, remember?

  • Jeff Mangum- King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 2

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    • 17 maj 2007, 20:29
    people like to bash on Jeff Mangum's nasally voice, but let's see you hold that "JESUS CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIST" for as long as he does with as much power.

    Don't ever challenge Jeff to a breath-holding contest.

  • For sure. I have a pretty hard time keeping up with him, even on the easier ones like In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.
    And I totally love his off key nasally screech.

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    • 18 maj 2007, 23:35
    Atmosphere by Joy Division.

    It's easy to laugh at how goofy and ridiculously off-key Ian Curtis' voice is on this song, but it has actually made me cry before. Powerful stuff.

  • Brian McMahan on Spiderland. No other answers are valid

  • Xylemicarious said:
    Jeff Mangum- King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 2

    lol oh man, I have to agree.

    Also anything Ian Curtis sings is kinda of an acquired taste, I'd say. I love Joy Division though.

    Also the song "Drawerings" by Dinosaur Jr. has some funky singing, haha.

    Carpe diem! - Seize the day.
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    • 31 maj 2007, 23:54
    The Shaggs. How is it they've not been mentioned?

  • Because we're too busy waiting for someone to mention The Residents.

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    • 1 jun 2007, 07:15
    I've only heard the first two albums and Eskimo... and they are indeed awesome. I want an eyeball mask badly.

  • has to be alec ounsworth.
    all of clap your hands say yeah's songs take some time to getting used to.

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  • I don't know, I loved Alec's voice from the get go. But weird it certainly is.

  • will oldham on palace's 'Lost Blues'. out of goose but genius.

  • Kommienezuspadt & Table Top Joe by Tom Waits

  • I'll have to side with Clap Your Hands Say yeah on this one. Especially The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth, that track has extra-cracked-voice goodness.

    I'm completely alone at a table of friends.
  • Violent Femmes... the man sounds tone deaf. But I love it.

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    • 23 jun 2007, 12:51
    Aaron Stainthorpe !!!
    Just listen to that voice

  • Very good call on Kommienezuspadt above, just brilliant. My absolute number one pick has to go to Release the Bats by the Birthday Party. How can you not just go around screaming "Raaaaaawwwwwlllll Bite!" after hearing that? Pure awesomeness.

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    "Go to Hell"? Son, I've been to Hell, a chopper dropped me off, and one with a cross on it got me out.
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    Little Mouth is just stunning, as is everything else off call The Doctor, the albums b4 corin tucker gto singing lessons. Off corse she was just as gr8 aftewards too, just hear One beat.

    • gnrmcr sa...
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    • 4 jul 2007, 22:38
    Tom Gabel from Against Me! He usually seems to be out of tune, but his voice is so beautiful in its imperfection.

    • pudunt sa...
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    • 6 jul 2007, 23:37
    I have only listened to him for fun, or when I am trying to make myself feel good. The man I speak of is Scott Walker

    • SDudIey sa...
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    • 9 jul 2007, 15:38
    Dear god, just had a listn to Scott Walker and he is indeed cringeworthy!

    As for the best 'worst' singing goes, how about the last 30 seconds of 'Territorial Pissings' by Nirvana?

    ...On second thoughts it's not really the best 'worst' singing it's just bloody funny

    • pa-ece sa...
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    • 3 aug 2007, 10:34
    blonde redhead-falling man

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    • 11 okt 2007, 20:08
    conor oberst or kurt cobain for me.

    some of oberst's vocals on fevers and mirrors are amazing, and nirvana on mtv unplugged is the single greatest vocal performance of all time

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