What's your favourite indie band?

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    • 2 dec 2006, 22:03

    What's your favourite indie band?

    1st forum ;)

  • hard to say...

    Libs pretty much own cos they started loads of new bands in Britain.

    Current bands though either the Holloways or the Fratellis (say the first yesterday for the second time...am seeing the second this week and twice in March)...pretty addictive albums.

  • gch

  • Franz Ferdinand. ^____^

    Hello Cheeky Little Fella. ^^
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    • 4 dec 2006, 17:57
    I go for The Libertines :)

  • The Libertines, definitely the best indie band.

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    • 4 dec 2006, 19:48
    Yeah! :D

  • Libs <3

  • Libertines.

    Looks like there was some selective invites there. :P

  • the long blondes, they are quite good.

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    • 5 dec 2006, 13:59
    The Libertines are winning this race :)

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 5 dec 2006, 15:32
    Babyshambles. I think they are much better than the Libertines, personally.

    Carbon/Silicon are also very good.

  • milburn, boy kill boy, the fratellis, larikin love, the maccabees, the holloways, the long blondes and so many more that if i wre to write a list it would go on forever. i dont care much for favorite i love all music as long as its good

  • the strokes. the best rock music comes from america. forget those english chaps all trying to sound like the libs

  • Go for yeti...

    That's Indie Rock n Roll For Me!
    the subways
    so many

  • Fratellis
    yeah yeah yeahs
    Bloc party
    Arctic monkeys
    ...I agree too many great bands,can't decide!!

  • The Killers, The Arcade Fire.

    i think im like Tennessee Williams
  • arctic monkeys oh yeah

    • lenkic sa...
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    • 3 mar 2007, 16:39
    Arctic Monkeys of course

    • Axz sa...
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    • 5 mar 2007, 15:07
    Personally The fratellis are fantastic...!!!

  • Bloc Party
    Death Cab For Cutie
    Muse (indie?)
    Radiohead (indie?)

    • twix_bmx sa...
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    • 9 mar 2007, 19:17
    Arctic Monkeys,
    Ok Go,
    and those witch i can't remember righ now...

    Rock the fuckin' world!
    • mrheigl sa...
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    • 19 mar 2007, 00:50
    The Killers
    Yeah yeah yeahs
    Bloc party
    Arctic monkeys



    Music is my hot hot sex. What about you? [ x ]
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    • 19 mar 2007, 14:24
    Bright eyes

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