• The problem is that her Long Tail is almost the same as Unwicked's, so any combined AEP/Long Tail formula designed to catch him would punish her as well.

    Back to the drawing board?

    One thing I thought of trying a while ago was minimum windowed AEP eg. minimum of (AEP (1-50), AEP (2-51), AEP (3-52),...), maybe limited to top 200 or so though as to not punish people with less than 500 artists (since run all the way down the chart it would return -20 for anyone with less than 452). It's not particularly nice and simple but it should catch anyone with a big drop somewhere in their chart.

    Name: sexyskyblue
    Minimum windowed AEP: 3.98

    Name: Unwicked
    Minimum windowed AEP: 3.91

    Hrmmm, no huge difference either.

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