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Skapad den: 25 apr 2007
Attn: Those Looking to Join:

Please read our description and our rules for joining. Thank you.

1) We are music nerds. Not music snobs.

2) We listen to a wide range of music and are open minded and ready to see the merit in all types of music.

3) We know a lot of useless trivia about our favorite artists.

4) We would find it completely understandable to listen to Autechre, XTC, Bobby Hutcherson, and Death all in the same day.

5) We do not claim to listen to everything or to know everything about music. However, we are all very curious music fans that like to discover new and sometimes obscure stuff.

6) We strive not to be just another bunch of know-it-alls trying to flaunt our musical diversity. (See #1)

1) Be in less than 20 last.fm groups. The reason for this is because we would like you to participate. If you are in too many groups the chances of you actively participating in this one are slim.

2) Have more than 5,000 plays. This gives us an idea of what type of listener you are. We are interested in creating a diverse group of users who have an open mind and have diverse/interesting listening habits.

Also: Please keep in mind that we use a democratic process (group vote) when considering pending members for inclusion. This could take some time. Your patience is appreciated.

If you do not meet these criteria, but you really really want to join us please send a message to brazzk.

EVERYONE!! With Heizi's great innitiative, we have opened up a new forum! It is outside of last.fm, so it has a lot more flexibility, better posting options, and finally, nesting thread topics! So join us, why don't you, at http://forum.musicnerds.org/!

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