New songs

    • thafranz sa...
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    • 3 okt 2008, 13:06

    New songs

    New song alert on Wallis' myspace! Ttwo demos and one live track, all of them very adorable! I love An idea about Mary from the first listen, To my bones good alot of potential but imo needs a bit more (or less) production and well, a darn funny live version of Travelling Bird where she curse the crowd in German for being lazy singers. I am pretty sure i remember this concert so it's probably Heidelberg or Weinheim 2008. Anyway, it's great material and raises great expectations for the next tour and album!

  • Travelling bird live

    I think Travelling Bird live is from the Weinheim castle gig back in 2007.

  • all the day i heard music of wallis' myspace

  • yeah the new songs are great, I loved them both although I agree with franz, I here something "strange" in To the bones, don't know what, maybe I just did not get it completely at a first hearing.
    anyway it's great material, her style is very recognizable and still she's not repeating herself in any sense.
    sometimes I think she is just too good to be true..

  • new songs available on itunes (depeche mode cover just can't get enough + the sunshine song - i believe it's a cover as well but really don't know).
    I bought them, just so you know ;-)
    you may want to pm me with your email address ;-)

    • thafranz sa...
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    • 21 nov 2008, 18:21

    Meal of Convenience

    She seems to have more new songs than the demos... this is from the Cologne concert, hope we'll hear it in Karlsruhe as well. Seems the new album's gonna get folkier and rockier at the same time. Wow!

    • thafranz sa...
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    • 15 maj 2009, 07:48


    ... is certainly the best produced track I've ever heard. It's a perfect rock chick song as well, just guess I am still too much of a folky to fall in love with it. Anyways, can't wait for the New Boots album!

  • To My Bones

    To my bones is such an addictive track. Its one of those songs that gets stuck in to your head (In a good way though!!!). Can't wait for the new album

    • thafranz sa...
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    • 20 jul 2009, 17:21

    New Boots...

    the whole album can be previewed (as I understandt it until July 24th) here. It's just amazing and imo much better than Spoons (where I didn't like alot of the production)!

  • Architect

    her new album is so experimental, i can't deny it, mixes a bit of rockabilly (Hardly Hardly and Gloria), funky sounds (I Can Be Your Man) and all the rest is mellow indie folk, my favorite is Daze, i consider this album as the best of the year.

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