Introduce Yourself

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    • 2 jun 2008, 06:06

    Introduce Yourself

    Name, A/S/L, and when were you hired?

    If you're not a DJ, ignore the last bit and tell us something else.

    Like this:

    Peter. Just turned 19/M/Chapel Hill (and Greensboro), NC. Hired Fall '07. :]

  • Katie O, female, just turned 22, split between when I have $$ and can live/go to school in Chapel Hill/Carrboro (not right now but soon) and when I am broke and return home to Western Massachusetts for financial retreat (right now but not much longer)

    Hired Fall 2005

    I love you WXYC

  • Jessica, F, 19. Spring 08.

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    • 11 jun 2008, 06:03
    Kristen, f, 21. Fall 05.

    ko that misses the other KO

  • Neil/m/Pittsboro/Chapel Hill, NC

    Hired in spring of 2007

  • I Dj'ed here for a couple of weeks, but 3-6 AM is not for me.

    Lloyd - 21 - Chapel Hill


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