• New HealeyIsland album out now

    7 maj 2013, 11:06 av HealeyIsland

    "It combines two of my favourite things - a laconic observational lyric ("The End of history is now a shopping mall - selling hairslides and bagels to the underclass") - and a lazy irresistible groove...... squelchy synth stylings make the production instantly memorable - if this gets widely played on the radio it'll instantly become one of those tunes that transport people back to the specific time and era when they first heard it. An instant nostalgia for those good old days of Spring 2013." writing about the track The End of History from the new HealeyIsland album On Ponzi Bridge.

    New HealeyIsland album On Ponzi Bridge is out now on WLM through iTunes, Amazon et al. A Bargain at £5.99. Go on, treat yourself.

    "IF THERE'S one electronica album you buy this year I'd make it On Ponzi Bridge by HealeyIsland" writes Lee Trewhela from Devon and Cornwall Media.
  • Half Our Artists Have Left!!! (Stuff for sale, rooms for rent!)

    3 mar 2013, 20:22 av CyclopsEyeMusic

    Oh the horror! How can it be expressed? Like unto a Band-Aid being swiftly torn from where it sticks to the skin I will just bluntly state the fact: Farmer Joe & The Ignorant Corpses have left Cyclops Eye Music.

    We here at Cyclops Eye Music are simply shattered.

    FJIC was our flagship; our mainstay; our well-spring; our…oh, eff them!

    FJIC’s 2013 release ‘Hobo Platypus’ will be on the (wonderful and groundbreaking) label WLM in the autumn of the year. WLM (White Label Music) are the same outfit that stole the band SCHMOE from us in 2011.

    [By the way, SCHMOE’s WLM debut album (‘SCHMOE’) will be released June 3, 2013.]

    Of course we’re not really shattered; we are actually quite happy to get the bums off our hands. They never kept their rooms clean, left dishes in the sink, made foul the air in the bathrooms (and in general) and nearly ate us out of house an home! Good luck WLM! Hope you have housekeeping staff.

    Seriously, Cyclops Eye Music shall continue to be the home of the pre-WLM music of both SCHMOE and Farmer Joe & The Ignorant Corpses and we will support in spirit and effort any music these bands create. We are proud to have largely been the vehicle behind their current successes and we wish them all the best as they journey “…into anonymity from the edges of near anonymity.”

    Boys, our doors are always open to you should you return, but we hope you do not; not only because you smell bad but because we love you and want you to higher and farther than we could ever send you!

    -CEM staffSchmoeFarmer Joe & The Ignorant Corpses
  • The very essence of psychedelia

    27 okt 2012, 08:52 av SimiArbeit

    What would psychedelic rock sound, if the "rock" was removed completely? If there were no guitar fuzz, no vocals soaked in reverb with trippy lyrics or not even drums? One answer to this question is Acid Attack by S. Ahola.
  • A film in which the video and the audio are the same data

    2 sep 2012, 01:19 av JakobVirgil

    There are 44100 samples per second for the audio 25 frames per second for the video. so the image is 42 x 42 pixels (the fuzziness you see is caused by your computer expanding it larger than the postage stamp size of the original). The visual and the audio are literal mappings of each other blue=left channel red=right channel.

    Tldr; You are seeing the literal data that you are hearing.

    It is also nice with red blue 3d glasses.

    It is dedicated to bob of SFIAS even though I did not use his three color method and he would not have approved
  • A Film to Watch with Your Eyes Closed

    25 aug 2012, 19:03 av JakobVirgil

    Best viewed on a laptop computer with headphones.
    size the film to be just wider than a pair of eyeglasses.
    place your nose in the bottom center of the film.
    close your eyes and start film.
    may cause seizures
  • Beth Aven - The man in the unicorn suit.

    1 aug 2012, 20:41 av JakobVirgil

    On my cartoon a day blog Beth Aven
    I have become lax on the a day part and transgressive on the cartoon part I am currently houseless and more importantly scannerless.

    A while back I began a serial called the man in the Unicorn suit.

    Because of my constraints it has become a novel of the un-graphic sort.
    sorry and you are welcome however it suits you.

    The novel starts here.
    --->Beth Aven<---
  • We'll make your skull whirr

    30 mar 2012, 18:01 av SimiArbeit

    Noisy, drony sound collages, that's what Weathered by Roman Catholic Skulls is about, and we're pretty damn proud to have the opportunity to release it.
  • new video from The Anchorites

    28 feb 2012, 03:31 av JakobVirgil

  • Get That shit off my Radio : Best Country Song of the Year

    14 feb 2012, 23:55 av JakobVirgil

  • If the bad news is really good is the good news really bad?

    12 feb 2012, 21:12 av CyclopsEyeMusic

    First, the ‘bad news’: S C H M O Ehas left the Cyclops Eye Music label nest and opted to sign with White label Music (WLM). They will be releasing an album (cd & digital) on the label in 2012. This bad news is actually good news for both S C H M O E and Cyclops Eye Music (and all its artists and (ahem!) would be artists), for it presents opportunities to reach larger audiences and such attention might find its way into the backwaters of our very own nest (of vipers) and the musical delights within [for more in this see the gossip section below]. Keep your eyes and ears out for S C H M O E in 2012. GO S C H M O E!

    So what’s the good news? And, if the bad news was good, is this good news really bad?

    Maybe. You’ll not know until it’s too late in any case…unless you heed those warnings in the back of your mind and stop reading right now. Farmer Joe & The Ignorant Corpses, fresh from their foray into film (if you haven’t seen, do see Used To Be Genius (explains a lot, that title)), have delved into their back shelf and added a new single to their ever ongoing project album ‘a spurt of adam’. It’s called Strawberry Cow and there’s a video. Per usual disclaimer, risk at your own enjoyment.

    Okay, the promotion is done, now for some gossip.

    Since S C H M O E contains one half of Farmer Joe & The Ignorant Corpses (Joe & Dave The Wave), the question suggests itself: how much attention will they pay their other half (Fink & Mikos) during S C H M O E’s sojourn under the WLM banner?

    Was the title of FJIC’s last album, Used To Be Genius, an epitaph?

    Maybe the release of Strawberry Cow at this juncture points to another, (perhaps more terrible) revelation. The video and the song feature Mikos…

    Perhaps, in lieu of losing a child, Cyclops Eye Music shall gain two more (ahem!). Prognosticative ears and eyes peer into the mists to perceive the unknown. Will Mikos and Fink sink so low as to go solo?

    HP of CEM

    Farmer Joe & The Ignorant CorpsesS C H M O EWhite Label MusicCyclops Eye Musica spurt of adamstrawberry cow[youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube]