Muzak -- Background music while reading, please help me!

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    • 10 sep 2008, 22:02

    Muzak -- Background music while reading, please help me!

    I'm in the hunt for music that I can have in the background while I'm reading books for my university course. What I need is recommendations.

    What I am looking for is mostly instrumental music, but it could also be music with lyrics that I don't comprehend(that is: nothing that distracts me, but some kind of music that will spread harmony in my room!@#)

    Music that has been working well before are some of these(ambient/classical/instrumental folk/etno-jazz/electro/etc):

    Kama Aina
    Aphex Twin
    Most Valuable Players
    John Fahey
    Jim O'Rourke
    Arvo Pärt
    Brian Eno
    Björn Olsson
    Ljudbilden & Piloten
    Bert Jansch
    Bjørn Torske
    Library Tapes
    Mulatu Astatke
    Stars of the Lid
    Träd Gräs Och Stenar
    Gábor Szabó
    The Field
    Ravi Shankar

    To name a few. My absolute favorites up till now have been Kama Aina and John Fahey -- but I've just listened to these fellows too much, and need some new blood! So please, help me! =)

    PS. And since I'm asking here --- please recommend any WFMU-dj that plays this kind of stuff, but that I've missed! Or any other Internet radio-dj.

  • you must have read my mind. perfect timing.

  • --but, uh, sorry I couldn't help. in solidarity.

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    • 22 okt 2008, 20:21
    definitely depends on your taste, but some albums I find calming/focus-inducing are the following (and they're all over the map in terms of genre/style):

    Huun-Huur-Tu - If I'd Been Born an Eagle
    Movietone - The Sand and Stars
    Juana Molina - Tres Cosas
    The Aluminum Group - Wonder Boy
    Pablo Casals - Bach Cello Suites (i only have Vol. 2 but that alone is an hour and a half long and so beautiful i haven't sought out the other volumes)

    Parker & Lily and casino v. Japan are very mellow and space-y, perfect for studying with, but i can't recommend any specific albums.

    hope that helps ... and thanks for the list you provided! always good to pick up new study music. keeps your brain on its toes :)

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    • 14 nov 2008, 21:55
    awesome, awesome recommendations. Colleen, Hauschka and Pablo Casals have gotten most sound space in my speakers so far.

    I asked the same question in the vegan & vegetarian forum. if you're interested, you can harvest some pretty darn nice stuff there too:

    and regarding wfmu! I've just ordered a wfmu-tshirt. hot mama! I'm gonna be one proud swedish rooster when I rip apart the post package, and putting it on - walking up and down the streets of Göteborg -- strutting, swaggering! HOOLY DIVER!!

    ps. In my quest for muzzak I actually disovered what gives me the deepest harmony: SILENCE.

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    • 16 nov 2008, 18:29

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    • 23 nov 2008, 17:06
    Jan Jelinek (especially Kosmischer Pitch), and múm are a couple of my favourites - they get played to death any time I need to concentrate at work. Also J.D. Emmanuel.

  • Boards of Canada

    i can't believe they haven't been mentioned yet.

    riot going on.
    • DBinNYC sa...
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    • 23 jan 2009, 15:04
    I'd recommend some soothing gamelan

  • I'd recommend some Gnac.

  • I find M.S. Subbulakshmi's vocal ragas very good for reading.

    • gojiro13 sa...
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    • 18 jul 2009, 10:24
    If you like silence, you might enjoy my preferred choice for studying accompaniment: radio static. The Reynols also did a record with Pauline Oliveros featuring processed tape hiss, but it can get a little intrusive at times.

    I'm no expert but I'm sure there are lots of bands that would fit the same bill.

    Don't forget that you also need an antidote to get you out of studyspace. Make mine Manowar!

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    • 13 maj 2010, 22:01
    Michael Nyman
    Vibracathedral Orchestra

  • the tag "" is good for this.

    "30,000 Leagues Under the Scene" out now: | Bandcamp
  • The Most Powerful Healing Muzik in the Entire World

    If you can, track down the 6 CD set "The Most Powerful Healing Muzik in the Entire World" compliments of Mark Mothersbaugh - should do the trick

    Northern-Spy Records
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    • 15 jul 2012, 20:26
    Not sure how AFX Drill'n'Bass, with all that beat variation, is gonna be background music.

  • I would suggest something by Zoviet France. Shadow, thief of the sun is a good start.

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