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    • 24 jun 2007, 11:38

    Version Studio-connections

    If you're not that familiar with the connections, here's a brief description:


    A Swarm of the Sun:

    Industrial post-rock duo. Has released an EP, The King of Everything, and is currently writing and recording their full-length debut.

    Come Sleep:

    Heavy and progressive metal act. Their debut album "The Burden of Ballast" is out now!



    Progressive rock act with Erik Nilsson, the manager of Version Studio, on vocals. Their latest release was the EP/demo If I Slow Down Everything Will Disappear.


    Heavy rock act consisting of the same line up as Come Sleep. Released a full length album, Smell of a Life That Could Have Been, on Mascot Records last year.


    Epic, heavy and emotional one-man project by Karl Daniel Liden, who is also doing the drums on the upcoming A Swarm of the Sun-release. The project was previously called And Machine Said.. Behold:.

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