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Skapad den: 5 nov 2006

Vernian Process, a.k.a. Joshua A. Pfeiffer

Taken from his SoundClick:

Vernian Process is a Neo-Classical/Darkwave/Industrial project. The sound is very Film Score / Dark...

Vernian Process' "The Forgotten Age" now on sale at

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  • furiousennui

    "Behold the Machine" is, simply put, a masterpiece of sonic resonance. "The Maiden Voyage" is breath-taking ambient music alluding to Vangelis at his best (Antarctica, Albedo 0.39 & BladeRunner). I be wondering if Mr Pfeiffer is related to Chris Pfeiffer, who runs one of Victoria's (Australia) finest wineries?

    12 jan 2010 Svara
  • ClintonD

    Hey, this is Klynt Mahryd from Brass Goggles =)

    25 nov 2008 Svara
  • miss_tremond

    beautiful music so mesmerizing..thanks again for uploading the demos

    26 feb 2008 Svara
  • GreenbackCafe

    Ha! I just heard Noir. What a great introduction to your work. It really captured the mood of those those classic films. Not sure if I could identify all the movies you sampled from, but I like the heavy Hammett feel/inspiration. I can't wait to see if you've done anything with Lovecraft. Thanks for putting this together. :-)

    19 feb 2008 Svara