Which one are you: Vegan or Vegetarian?

    • huboo77 sa...
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    • 25 jan 2012, 01:11
    I am vegetarian 17 years.

    • NSHPixie sa...
    • Användare
    • 26 jan 2012, 21:08
    dehumpn said:
    veggie for 2 years, but i aint a douche about it,

    (e.g i wont turn down a pizza that's been cooked with meat on it, just take the toppings off; i will give my dog meat cause it f'ing luvs it, and i do cook it for others,)

    i just wont put it in my mouth, end of discussion.

    Maybe your the douche, i've seen a pizza cooked with peperoni, it seeps onto everything else on the base, there is no denying that. Doesn't look like meat, your not seeing the product but you are certainly eating meat there. Maybe you have this view becasue carnivores are quick to assume that byproducts are ok for vegetarians, or maybe you feel a nuisance to anyone else preparing food or at a restaurant.

    • dth3tr sa...
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    • 29 feb 2012, 04:34
    alfie_1991 said:
    So do you vegan's drink non vegan/veggie wine?
    I also believe most lager has some sort of animal extract in it

    It may be the case in Europe, but very few american beers are fined with animal products. Barnivore is a required bookmark for vegetarians who fancy booze. More wines than not are fined with animal products, but plenty aren't.

    Under the guise of "the old way of doing things", the breweries/wineries that fine with fish bladders or egg whites are simply doing so because it's cheaper than springing for a modern centrifuge.

    All my favorite beers are vegan, thankfully. Vegetarians who drink Guinness are really pescatarians, though :P

  • Was vegetarian for 8 years, now going on month 8 of being vegan. I feel a million times better about myself & what I eat as a vegan, it's great.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 4 mar 2012, 16:38
    Vegetarian, I don't have the willpower to be a vegan.

  • I am vegetarian, not ready enough to be vegan, to stop ice-creaming and milk-chocolating xD but I think bout it =)

  • Vegan, since December 2011. I became a Vegetarian back in 2009, but it took a while to realize that this hasn't been the real thing

  • Vegetarian for 9 years.

    • ellexoxo sa...
    • Användare
    • 29 mar 2012, 08:00
    Ive been vegetarian for 7 years and would love to eventually be vegan

  • vegetarian for six years, vegan for four months :)

  • Sometimes I drink milk, so I'm Vegetarian, haha.

    • Alahderi sa...
    • Användare
    • 23 apr 2012, 21:58

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 25 apr 2012, 19:45
    Vegan for like 3 months?

    Vegetarian for a few years before that.

    As an added note since folk seem to be arguing. You're not a hero because you abstain from something. You're literally saying "I used to contribute to the suffering, imprisonment and murder of animals, but now I don't, so I'm great and you suck...," Unless you partake in ALF activity you're not doing anything special.

  • Vegetarian for several years. I was thinking of going vegan, but it's literally impossible where I live. Right now I think I'll just stick to my current diet. Maybe when someday I'll move someplace with a large variety of veg food options, I'll think about it again.

    • Dowa2bp sa...
    • Användare
    • 29 maj 2012, 02:51
    Vegetarian. I plan to stay one, no vegan transfer wanted for now.

  • Vegan, mostly raw.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 21 aug 2012, 16:37
    Vegan, cause the cows suffering too.

  • I have been 100% vegan for almost a year.
    Although I have recently started eating eggs from places where I KNOW the chickens are kept safe and happy.
    I will not buy eggs from supermarkets, convenience stores, corner shops etc.
    I will only buy eggs from hobbyists, where the chickens are free range, happy and will NEVER be slaughtered, kind of like chickens are kept as pets.
    I still think of myself as a vegan because I do not support the dairy industry.

    • Xcava86X sa...
    • Användare
    • 5 nov 2012, 23:30
    None actually. I still eat meat, fish and everything, I just do it very very rarely. 99% of my lunches are vegan lunches.
    I eat meat, fish and animal products when I'm sure that they have been feeded with natural products and I don't eat anything that comes from industries.

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  • Vegetarian. No ambition of becoming vegan.. It's not really my thing, I guess.
    Diary products and eggs bring too much variety to my recent diet.

    • Luky7 sa...
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    • 31 maj 2013, 17:11
    Dont know how long i was not eating meal - only sometimes in a month, just coz of our czecho-slovak kitchen (meal foods are too heavy, so just on our "non-meal" foods),
    n before some 3 months, thanks gods, got on my mind that i should eat more healty..

    But no extrems, Im a long-big-strong boy, live in slavic-european city, hunting dat kash all days long.. :D :D

    • Luky7 sa...
    • Användare
    • 31 maj 2013, 17:34
    My #1 is to dont eat ALL food maded, owned, or with any kind of connected with/by corporations...
    We are on capitalist-democracy system only since 1989, so I seen how we was changing from "independent-homemade-single small slovak-czech market"
    to current "global-worldwide corporation groups shits" and can tell that everything
    went much more worse and extremly unhealty.
    Worst is that in Europe, former "East Bloc" side getting products from big companies with worst quality, less g, on higher price.. than west, and im on that wrong, "colonized" side of EU :D

    Important are 100% homemade non-meal, and fruit-vegetable products.
    No chemicals, from clean n clear place.

    Im Lucky that our water is 100% clean and healty mineral,
    even if living in biggest slovak city.. :P
    Air pollution is "stopped" by hils and wild danube forest. :P
    Only Light and Visual pollution is extremly killing my Bratislava.

    Visit n Shout ME,
    Stay Good n Take Care..!

  • Raw Vegan

  • Was a vegetarian for 8 months. Now I'm vegan for 7 months.

  • I am vegetarian so I eat eggs and drink milk. I understand vegans about milk because I don't agree with the way that we milk the cows, maybe the same for the eggs if they come from the market but I eat my hens' eggs, because they produce them even without males. So I was just wondering if you, vegans, are for the way that we treat them or because you think it's not natural ? Or both ^^ I think I could stop drink milk, but It's not useful to stop eating eggs from my well treated hens :) In any case, you vegans made me ask myself questions about my milk consumption.

    And I don't like that some people treat us bullshits because me too I don't understand your case guy and I'm not mean...

    ( Sorry for my english )

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