Which one are you: Vegan or Vegetarian?

  • vegetarian

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    • 3 aug 2011, 20:47

  • Vegetarian. I don't quite understand the general resentment towards Vegetarians from (more aggressive) Vegans.

    Why invoke division when we have similar values? We should unite on that for the sake of the idea and the cause.
    Vegans may take the lifestyle to its logical conclusion, but that doesn't mean others who respect those values should be resented for a lack of purity. Everybody must engage in some level of conflict or hypocrisy to realistically survive. Vegetarianism is a middle ground accepting that hypocrisy in order to help what can be helped. Most importantly, we all object to apathy and inaction.

    My 2 cents.

  • HardcorPunk, I totally agree with what you just put forward. I feel like veganism is touted as a 'cure-all' for so many of society's ills. I'm an ovo-vegetarian right now, because I'm still experimenting to see if veganism is right for my body. Veganism is attractive to me because it is a political statement, but I don't want to have too many misconceptions about the impact I am actually making.

    The food industry is totally corrupt, you know? It's just not even workable. I might be buying my fruit and vegetables from farmers' markets where I can and not buying wool or leather or anymore etc, but I still buy my legumes from a lebanese cornershop or whatever it might be, and I know that the whole process is destroying the earth. I can't say with certainty to what extent veganism is helping to curb that destruction, but as a philosophy it sounds wonderful. The lesson is maybe that we're all making varying efforts to help out, and none of us live 'cruelty-free', unless we commune with nature and forage, or farm locally and in sustainable ways. My personal opinion is that veganism won't stop cruelty, but it might be a good starting point for raising mass awareness / revolutionising the food industry...


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    • 5 aug 2011, 00:02
    Vegetarian, but lately I'm thinking about becoming Vegan.

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    • 5 aug 2011, 00:02
    Vegetarian, but lately I'm thinking about becoming Vegan.

  • I'm ovo-lacto vegetarian.

  • i just play with my penis like a scared little boy whenever i think about becoming vegan.

  • Vegetarian

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    • 8 aug 2011, 08:16
    I usually eat veggy, but I think vegan food taste good!

  • I'm vegetarian. I might go vegan when I move out. My family members are already kind of butthurt that I don't eat meat anymore :\ it'd be too stressfull to go full-on vegan. And plus I'm not the one who buys food.

    I refuse to eat anything made from dead animals though. It weirds me out and I like them too much to even eat them. I'm fine with eggs, cheese and milk. I'd rather get organic stuff because I don't want animals to be tormented to provide food.
    Except I get eggs from chickens that we own, so, I know thats good haha.

    And, not really sure why OP is so angry about vegetarians. You don't know what's going on in people's lives, you can't just bluntly say vegetarians are full of shit. I've got nothing against vegans. Aren't both working toward the same general cause?

    Don't let the opinions of others consume you.
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    • 19 aug 2011, 12:31
    I don’t eat meat, fish and poultry, so that makes me a vegetarian. Everything I do eat is mostly organic/biological.

    Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.
  • Vegan.

    Dairy cows and laying hens suffer more than animals exploited just for meat—these female animals endure months or years of suffering and then still end up slaughtered for meat. If you've ever heard a dairy cow moaning for the calf who was just taken off to be killed so that people can have her milk insteead, you know that there's more pain in a slice of cheese than in a slab of hamburger. If you've ever rescued hens from an egg factory, you can't even walk past the egg aisle in the grocery store without wanting to throw up. My guess is that this kind of knowledge helps to explain why some vegans feel frustrated with people who call themselves vegetarian but consume those especially hurtful animal products.

    You might find these texts (both by me) useful:

    I Know Why the Caged Bird Screams

    Demystifying Dairy

    Oh, and by the way, hens at "free range" egg facilities also often suffer grievously. The conditions aren't as wretched as those in the factories, but still are injurious. Just fyi.

  • vegan 4evr

  • Very strict vegan. It's a lifestyle choice and much more than a diet, and though I understand that it's "not for everyone" I've found it very hard to not get aggresive and angry and bitter just as the first post here. It's hard to stay compassionate, but I have to remind myself to. I am open to all people, no matter what they eat and for whatever reason. It is very tough to stay grounded when you know all the facts, though. The dairy industry is just as heinous, and kills just as many animals. After being vegan and understanding everything that goes on, and having the strong love for the animals and the cause, you just want to shake people and tell them it is absolutely insane that they think it's okay to be any other way. Either way, I help people that are leaning towards veganism, vegetarianism, or even just cutting out some meat and going for a more plant-based diet. I try to hold no judgments, because when we are forceful is when we push people away. I never thought I'd be "that" vegan, that everyone hates... but once you are, you realize how hard it is NOT to be. You are just so passionate for the cause, and you just wish everyone wasn't so blinded by society and ignorance. Anyway, I agree... that I find it hard to take any "animal love" or "animals advocate" seriously, unless they are vegan. There's just too much evidence out there that the dairy and egg industry hurts just as many animals, is just as cruel, and is equally as bad for your health and the environment. But... we are all in this together to better something... so I try not to make those kind of blanket statements, in fear of pushing others away.

    That said... the answer was vegan...

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    • 29 aug 2011, 13:30

    as far as the aggression is concerned, I once heard Bill Bailey say that every vegan he had met was aggressive!!!

    I was an aggressive child when I ate meat, i was an aggressive vegetarian for 19 years and have been an aggressive vegan for the past 5 years, i think i might just be aggressive...........

    I don't respond well to meat eaters telling me that I look ill and that i should eat meat as they wave pieces of carcass under my nose and as such pretty much keep my mouth shut about veganism, it's not for me to tell anyone how to live but it certainly seems to be for meat eaters to tell the rest of us how to live.......... and die.

    It's personal choice of course but I wouldn't like to be killed and eaten, I don't have the superiority complex you seem to need to consume flesh and i don't view life as a commodity there to be manipulated at our leisure. I thought long and hard about turning vegan and it dawned that milk was really quite weird, we're the only animal that consumes milk in adulthood and to compound that we find the concept of drinking our own species' milk in adulthood strange but getting it from another animal makes sense!!??? as for cheese, go figure.

    It is very funny though, the last time I was in America I was eating out somewhere (which proved to be impossible) and it transpired that i was vegan, the 22 stone (don't know what that is in pounds but it's round!!) waitress in a mixture of horror, disbelief and mocking asked "what the f**k do you eat?" ha ha ha, seems my metabolism enjoys being vegan much more than hers enjoys all the eggs, cheese and cream.

    the hardest thing about being vegan though is trying to find warm socks that aren't made of wool or some horrid man made fibre!!!!

    enter bamboo, who'd have thought?

    vegans or veggies big up yourselves, and veggies, don't let the evangelical vegans get you down, we're none of us the same and really shouldn't try to be. While I do think Equinoxvox is bang on the money it's a matter of educating yourself and choosing the difficult truth over the easy lie and thinking about what you consume, your choice though. Our metabolisms and physiology's are all quite different and while my weight and energy levels certainly benefit from a vegan diet (as does my conscience) it doesn't mean everyone's will, I just wish a few of the meat fascists would try the killing and butchering for themselves, perhaps then they'd change their tune?

    Please though let's never forget that being vegan or vegetarian is a peculiarly western choice that you have the luxury of being able to make, if meat was the only food stuff available to you would you really rather starve to death?

  • recent vegan :) was a vegetarian, but then i realized it was half assed and didnt help as much. im sick of ppl saying 'oh veganism isnt for me' but frankly, i couldnt give a rats ass about them. i have no sympathy if u support the murder and torture of animals because u 'dont feel like' going vegan.

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    • 6 nov 2011, 08:40
    Vegan for a couple of months now.

  • which of one of you? vegan of vegatarian

    I am Vegan!!! i've been vegan for over 1 year.

  • which of one of you? vegan of vegatarian

    I am Vegan!!! i've been vegan for over 1 year.

  • Vegetarian. :)

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    • 11 nov 2011, 07:58

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    • 12 nov 2011, 03:51

    the argument against vegetarianism especially with eggs and dairy is that there is no significant amount of reduction in suffering by consuming them when compared to a typical omnivorous lifestyle. Don't forget all milk (except plant milks) comes from a grieving mother.


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    • 2 dec 2011, 16:12

    Basically I don't see anything wrong with eating animals or their byproducts providing you're the one who rears/slaughters/hunts etc because, eh, hunting/gathering is normal in my eyes. I personally can't kill animals, so I don't eat meat, but I have chickens as pets, so I eat eggs.

    Plus I can't call myself vegan because my medication is at least partially derived from lactose. Not a lot I can do about that, really.

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