How did you come into VDGG?

    • tootsSKA sa...
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    • 17 sep 2006, 01:18
    All I have to say is thank god for Pandora!

    if you dont know what im talking about visit

    its sooo cool and has some really eclectic music to boot

    And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes...
    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 29 sep 2006, 11:06
    Well I once went to the local library and noticed there a weird looking record. I then decided to loan it. After listening the second song of the album I got very interested in VDGG (especially because of PH's voice & the lyrics). I then listened the whole album (Pawn Hearts by the way) several times. I was quite excited.

    Couple of weeks later I went to the local record shop and bought my first VDGG records: Pawn Hearts, Godbluff and Still Life.

    • Opice sa...
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    • 16 nov 2006, 16:05


    I read about them in article about King Crimson in my favourit Rock zine:))

  • When I got first into prog, I've tried them and liked them, but not so much. After that, I've lived what I call "the strangest half-year in my life" and became a sort of poet, I've decided to relisten to my lonely VdGG album (Pawn Hearts) and I was completely blown away by the new significance that was having for me. And even after, I've listened to Pawn Hearts with headphones after my last psychedelic waste out night of my life (that was really hard...) and was even more blown away and now I can say that Van der Graaf Generator is the soundtrack of my head :)

    • Eroocke sa...
    • Användare
    • 2 jan 2007, 18:49
    So I decided to listen to prog one day... (I'm going somewhere with this) and I was really liking King Crimson alot and I had some music from the other big ones (Yes, ELP, Genesis, Floyd) but my friends didn't have really any other bands. So I check the prog bands list at and notice the sub-genres list and under symphonic it had King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, so I checked for the bands just under them. Which were Camel, Gentle Giant, VDGG, The Flower Kings, and a few others, but for some reason VDGG sounded the most appealing so I went to try and download some. I managed to get Lemming and A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers off of limewire, but lacked Man-erg. Still I listened to them and Lemmings appealed first and finally A Plague started to as well then a little later I saw Still Life at a used cd store and bought that... later I go to San Francisco and buy H to the He and finally get Pawn Hearts with Man-erg on it, and everything started clicking. Though it wasn't until I heard Godbluff that everything REALLY started clicking and I knew they were more then just a band with my favorite song (Plague) and so I relistened to Still Life and fell in love with that too.

    Long story eh.

    • Eroocke sa...
    • Användare
    • 2 jan 2007, 18:51
    Oh and I guess I got into Camel, Gentle Giant, and The Flower Kings quite a bit too. My charts seem to pretty much be everything I just mentioned now that I think about it.

  • A pal from my last Band told me about them 3 years ago! I listend, fell in love ...I still love them, here I am!

  • How I got into VdGG

    When Tower Records was closing down, I'd go in during their 40% off sale and come out with an armload of DVDs and CDs. One day, when the pickings were slim, I decided to go from A through Z and grab anything of interest. When I got to V, I saw a few different Van Der Graaf CD's, and remembering how much I liked PH's voice on Fripp's Exposure album, decided to pick up the live album Vital, figuring that it would provide a decent sampling of their output (I passed on Pawn Hearts. Don't ask me why.)

    It was a rough first listen, but I started to like it, especially "Still Life". So when I poked into a local record store and saw the Godbluff and Still Life remasters for sale, I snagged both. I listened to Still Life first, and once I got to La Rossa, I was hooked. Then I listened to Godbluff. Then I listened to Godbluff again. And again. And again. Then I went back to that same record store and asked them to order the rest of the EMI remasters for me.

    • Zoltecki sa...
    • Användare
    • 28 sep 2007, 14:20
    my dad showed me. Firstly he bought First Generation and I had no chice but to listen to vdgg everyday. but I was already a lover of progrock so I took to this cd emotionally... then we managed to buy other cd's. my favourite is Darkness11/11

  • Thanks to

  • How I got into VdGG

    I was lucky enough to be bored on a Thursday night in Berkeley and decided to go to Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco (1979) to hear this man named Peter Hammill perform. It was one of the most amazing and unforgettable live performances I've ever witnessed in my entire life. It was a solo acoustic performance... freaking blew my mind. Well, I listened to his solo albums extensively before I even discovered he was in this "other" band...

  • from my father's LPs (with a bit of his help:P)

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    • TerryK sa...
    • Användare
    • 30 mar 2008, 13:17
    I read about them on and decided to purchase a couple of CD's. I will probably buy their entire back catalogue!

    "Half the world gives while the other half takes."
  • I'm into progrock and I forget this band so a friend of mine told me about VdGG and I gave the oportunity so the first time I heard them I was in shock... this band is just AMAZING

  • via listening to radio

  • In the middle of the 80s a friend bought The Margin secondhand. I lended and liked it. Maybe 5 years later I started to collect VDGG.
    Thanks to dimeadozen and soulseek I have a more than huge collection of PJAH and VDGG concert recordings.

    Shawn Gordon kills music
    • flisio sa...
    • Användare
    • 13 okt 2008, 23:39
    First I was reading about electricity on wiki and found that a band with such a name exists. Then in 2007 I listened to radio programme airing on Polish radio (PR III - Noc Muzycznych Pejzazy) and heard that band. It struck me like a hammer. I first thought this guy couldn't sing, just shrieked, but then I tried to sing just like him and found it is actually very difficult. The more I listened, the more I loved. Now I can't live without PH!

  • It must've been somewhen 2000ish, when I paid a visit to my sister.
    Somebody had to do the groceries (which they would do in France as they're living near the border), so her husband and me drove off on a sunshiney day with an open wide blue sky. At some point he put this cassette (!) into the car stereo and said "Listen to this". So I did, and what I heard was a mighty piano intro and then a voice that gave me shivers. Later it turned out to be the "Vital" Plague/Sleepwalkers Medley.

    It took 2-3 more years until the "real click" happened, though, when in troubled times I realised that there's a Hammill verse for everything I was going through.

    There's no other band I feel so much "home" with.

    • Polset sa...
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    • 1 mar 2009, 04:20
    It was long time ego. I heard 2 songs from "Still Life" album ("Still Life"&My Room) in radio. That was it! I loved that music from a first time!

  • I was reading some article about the difference between the terms "art" and "prog" and amidst other mentions of various prog groups the album "Gudbluff" caught my attention, described as dark and epic. I was certainly intrigued, I've been listening to prog for a relatively short time and I'm always interested in something new. So I listened to Godbluff and it lived up to its description, in fact, it impressed me and amazed me so much, not only the heavy, powerful, beautiful combination of organ and saxophone, but also the poetic and deep lyrics, that I was immediately drawn to Van Der Graaf Generator and at the moment I'm exploring their albums, and Hammill's solo work, which impresses me and earns my admiration and awe more and more with each song.

  • Back in 1999 i used to go to this record store and the owner showed me "Pawn Hearts" and said i should listen to VdGG since i was already into Prog-rock and Experimental/avant-guarde stuff.
    I heard Lemmings, that was the first song i heard but i didn´t understood PH vision back then, i got very frustrated over this but eventually got over it.
    Van Der Graaf had a strange effect on me because although i didn´t fully understood it´s music at first, i kept on going back and listening over the years, step by step, song by song.I started listening to Jazz and stoped listening to rock for a while, still among Charlie Mingus, Dizzy Gilespie, Monk, Eric Dolphy, McCoy Tyner there was at least one VdGG track playing.
    Eventually i came back to rock and discovered Caravan, Soft Machine, Gong, Magma...Van Der Graaf was always there looking at me like a abyss echoing a question: when the hell are you going to drop the act admit you like it and go buy yourself a album?
    The First Album i bought was 1976´s "Stil Life".
    I believe that in some cases you will have either a plain " i like this band because it makes me happy" relation or "this band intrigues me, i´m mesmerized by their sound, I love this fucking Band"!

    • stipeeee sa...
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    • 10 nov 2009, 04:21
    i found them on accidentaly. thank you,! :)

    disko čizburger
  • i heard 'pawn hearts' for the first time back in 1973. have been listening ever since. i was intrigued by the dark, desolate, desperate places that hammill's lyrics and the band's instrumentals took me.

  • it was a time (some years ago) I mostly listened prog then anything else,
    and I always bought discs at the same store -
    sellers knew me well and always gave me a pack of discs
    with art-rock.
    I listened and bought one or two (didn't have much money).
    They advised to me VDGG, so I bought -
    H to HE & Pawn Hearts
    but at first I could only listen two songs - House with no door and first part of the Lighthouse Keepers
    then in years I came in - in times of sorrow and imaginary hopeless and when you need to listen something very-very different :) -

    if they gave me then not these albums but Godbluff, I think I could come in it sooner

    p.s. hope my English as good as I think

  • I was already familiar with them when I was about 12 or something (I got A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers on mp3) but didn't really check'em out until a recordstore I was visiting played Pawn Hearts LOUD on the speakers (I believe some people freaked out as well). I recognized the music when "A Plague..." started and bought the CD at once. It really blew my mind and the rest is history!

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