Vagalume 0.5.1 patched on Debian Lenny

    • buzz91 sa...
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    • 14 apr 2008, 15:24

    Vagalume 0.5.1 patched on Debian Lenny


    first of all i have to say, that this application is really really great!

    I run Vagalume 0.5.1 on a Debian Lenny out of the repository and it is working more or less fine.
    But there are two problems (one a minor one), both appearing, when i try to compile (with help of fakeroot) Vagalume with the savesong-patch an run it then.
    Here the messages out of a terminal:
    (vagalume:9874): Gtk-WARNING **: Im Modulpfad »clearlooks« konnte keine Themen-Engine gefunden werden,
    ** (vagalume:9874): DEBUG: Config file not found
    ** (vagalume:9874): DEBUG: Creating GStreamer element mad: success

    (vagalume:9874): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid (NULL) pointer instance

    (vagalume:9874): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_connect_data: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)' failed
    ** (vagalume:9874): DEBUG: Creating GStreamer element autoaudiosink: success

    ** (vagalume:9874): CRITICAL **: Error creating GStreamer elements

    The first problem has to do with the gtk-themes but, i guess? but how to solve it?

    And the other problem causes infuncionallity of Vagalume.
    Has anyone an idea how to solve the problem or has anyone the patched vagalume deb-package for debian lenny?


  • Try playing with the VAGALUME_GST_DECODER and/or VAGALUME_GST_SINK environment variables:

    $ export VAGALUME_GST_DECODER=mad
    $ export VAGALUME_GST_SINK=alsasink
    $ vagalume

    Other possible decoders: flump3dec
    Other possible sinks: autoaudiosink, osssink, esdsink...

    And if you still have problems, try asking in the vagalume-users mailing list:

    • jarryson sa...
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    • 23 jul 2008, 17:20
    thanks, i am worrying about how to make vagalume work after i change sound driver to oss. but i think if it can auto detect will be better

  • auto-detect made it hang for me, but using osssink directly works perfectly fine :D
    thank you!

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