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Discussion and development of Opera user scripts for use with (Javascript, see also Greasemonkey.)

User Scripts

This group and forum are intended to provide information on using "user scripts" with the Opera browser to enhance the experience. This thread describes how to set up user scripts under Opera.

Keep current with updates to the scripts by subscribing to the RSS feed for the group: click here to get the news

The current set of scripts includes the following. The date in parentheses indicates the last update time for the script.

Given the issues on, these scripts have been replicated on Greasy Fork:
* Last Group Post (26-Aug-2008) - see the date of the last posting in all your groups. GreasyFork / GM
* Who posted here? (02-Jul-2012) - show posters in a thread. GreasyFork / GM
* Highlight Same Artists (17-Sep-2013) - easily pick out the artists you have in common with any user. GreasyFork / GM
* Polish Your Profile (25-Mar-2009) - combines Play Statistics and Percentages to make your profile shiny. GreasyFork /
* Hide Activity Box (17-Nov-2013) - hide the boxes on the right of your profile. GreasyFork / GM
* Sort by time (15-Sep-2013) - sort top artists and tracks by time played for each. GreasyFork / GM
* How old is your music? (23-Oct-2013) - show the age of your albums GreasyFork / GM
* Average Plays (03-Aug-2012) - show plays per listener for tracks and artists. GreasyFork / GM
* Show Taste-O-Meter for users (15-Mar-2014) - display your taste-o-meter rating for people. GreasyFork / GM
* Top Tracks (Updated 22-Feb-2015) - see the top tracks you have on any artist's home page. GreasyFork GM

These have not been moved over yet:
Fix library (NEW! 21-Sep-2011) - fix the album links in library Script
Unique Track Count (NEW! 02-Jul-2011) - shows number of unique tracks you've played, artists, etc. Script GM
Artist Image PNG colour (NEW!19-Feb-2011) - highlights PNG images on artist pictures, by PurpleMonkey Script
Display personal count on Artist's Top Tracks (NEW!17-Oct-2010) - displays your counts on the artists' top charts, by Gaechka Script
Site Censor (30-Jun-2010) - remove bad words, by Skiye - Script
ShoutBox LineBreaker (11-Jul-2009) - show line breaks in shoutboxes. By -taschentuch-. Script GM
slogan script(15-Jun-2009) - show slogan in title bar. By we-jimmy.
Landmark tracks (Updated 09-Sep-2009) - shows the track played for a particular position in your record. Script GM
Highlight Same Artists (Updated 16-Jan-2010) - easily pick out the artists you have in common with any user. Script GM
Lyrics link (Updated 28-Oct-2010) - adds a link to WikiLyric lyrics page. Script GM
Plonk user (15-Feb-2009) - adds a link to user's profile to add the user to your ignore list. Script GM

Also see the Opera group for information on Opera.

Some of the scripts in the Greasemonkeys group may work in Opera. Some of the above (marked GM) work under Greasemonkey with Firefox and SeaMonkey, and may work with other browsers with user script capability, like Google's Chrome.

People interested in this group may also be interested in CSS Color Changer for ways to change how they view (or other sites).

Last date updates were checked: 10-May-2014

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  • Odraz

    Thanks folks!

    13 sep 2012 Svara
  • Ton87

    Nice scripts!

    28 feb 2012 Svara
  • red-green-blue

    You can test a new fantastic tool for group owners that Erkan-Yilmaz has developed. It is a software which compares the tastes of the members in your group. It tells you which users share the same top-tracks and top-artists. It is a alternative to the boring group charts. You can login here to try it: then use "test_account" as user name and a group name of your group or a group that you like. If you want to get the password to test the beta version, then please send me a PM, thank you. If you have more questions or ideas just write me a PM or tell me in my shoutbox.

    1 jan 2012 Svara
  • PurpleMonkey

    Small update to my script, added a menu item for GM users. Hopefully haven't broken it for chrome+opera.

    25 feb 2011 Svara
  • OrcSlayer74

    does anyone give a s*it enough to make a new version of Youscrobble?

    5 okt 2010 Svara
  • cantstopdnb

    No such group. Here are some other useful pages: * Search for music * Find a user * Help section * Frequently Asked Questions list * Forums * ...or head back to the Homepage

    12 maj 2009 Svara
  • BenOnUserstyles

    21 jan 2009 Svara
  • Milkshake8

    Lol, Exactly

    19 dec 2008 Svara
  • PharaohSteve

    Firefox ftw.

    23 nov 2008 Svara
  • Milkshake8

    Opera gets no respect from LastFM

    18 jul 2008 Svara
  • masterwizard

    Cool! This was exactly the group i looked for!

    29 maj 2007 Svara