• Good to know you

    Man, found a birmingham uni group, most impressed by the now, 6 members ^ ^
    Anyhoo as introductions go, i'm mike a first year psychology student. Would be good to spread the word about this site and expanding the group :) With who do I have the pleasure...?

  • I'm Rosie and I started the group because most other unis have one and I think Brum probably has a better music scene that, say, Loughborough!

    glad you were pleased. Spread the love cos I hardly know anyone on Last.FM!!

    • hawesie sa...
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    • 3 maj 2006, 08:34
    Hello there, I'm Nick and I'm a researcher at the uni, although I was a Brum under/post-grad too (blimey, that probably means I've been here quite a while). Last.fm is one of my main procrastination outlets. That and listening to and making music.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 9 maj 2006, 00:26
    I'm Seb! I am a third year German Studies student currently studying in Munich but i will be back next year to finish it off. I'm also chuffed to find a bham uni last.fm group - what are the odds. This place is great for wasting time. I also love my music - my tastes vary greatly - and im a keen musician myself being a jazz pianist and an aspiring guitarist.

  • I'm Rob, joined lastfm ages ago but only just found this group (via stalking Nick). I'm doing what I've been told is called postgraduate research. It seems thus far to be centered around aimlessly wondering around the intar webs whilst listening to music.

    • Hemmels sa...
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    • 15 okt 2006, 00:04
    Boo! Hey all. If I wasn't busy failing my degree i'd've joined the group a while ago. meh. I'm a 2nd year computer science student (cue laughing), and I'm not a nerd i swear. (Hence retaking 1st year) However, if you live in Smelly Oak and have computer/technology issues, i'll come and look over it for free. OR, if you wanna check out my music collection, that's cool too, gimme a message or summin. Peace.
    P.S. How does everyone feel about Snobs shots now being 80p or £2 for double w/ mixer. And vodbulls are now only singles, and are £1.25. It's not fair. Now i'm poor AND drunk.
    P.S.S They used to have 4 or more ambulances on stand-by outside the works 2 years ago lol.

    Ooooh laaaay!
    • arrdis sa...
    • Alumni
    • 21 maj 2008, 16:44
    Hey there, I realize it is very long since anyone said anything in this thread but just wanted to say hi. I will start on a politics degree at Birmingham in October, looking forward to seeing everyone there!

    Fröken jag går på glödande kål, efter händerna på täcket i en vecka
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