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Украинское trip-hop общество, объединяющее поклонников трип-хоп и смежных течений музыки, таких как Downtempo, Nu-Jazz, nu Trip-Hop, Lounge, Dub, Acid Jazz, IDM, Ambient и т.д.

Украинское trip-hop общество, объединяющее поклонников трип-хоп и смежных течений музыки, таких как Downtempo, Nu-Jazz, nu Trip-Hop, Lounge, Dub, Acid Jazz, IDM, Ambient и т.д.

«Strongly Recommended!» — Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins / Amazing Radio Host)

After two successful LP’s «Million Years Of Sorrow» and «The End Of Harmony» Ultra Vague Recordings (UVR) is glad to present «Wound Theory. Act I: Ghost», a new release by Sorrow Leads To Salvation, Kiev based electronic project. It’s a first part of a conceptual EP’s series sharing one plot and sounding, yet SLTS keeps looking for new forms for his musical ideas embodiment. The author describes it as a gloomy and melancholic fairytale about dark corners, ghosts and forgotten gods.


released 31 March 2015

«Bleib am Kreuzweg stehn
küsse die Erde, die du besudelt,
vor der du gesündigt hast
verneige dich dann vor aller Welt
sage allen laut:
Ich bin der Mörder»


All Music Is Written by Adam Maylow aka Sorrow Leads To Salvation

Cover art: Alyona Lobanova

Label: Ultra Vague Recordings

Jimmy Spoon meets 5-40am reviewed by XXL magazine.

Заключить музыку Jimmy Spoon’a в рамки какого-то одного жанра очень сложно. Имея низкий блюзовый вокал, артист не спешит собирать традиционный блюзбэнд. Спуна интересуют другие области современной музыки, где можно создать нечно нестандартное. И, надо признать, у парня это получается. Второй альбом, записанный совместно с московским idm-щиком 5-40 AM, тому лишь доказательство. Неосоуловые распевки, легшие на глитчевую и idm основу, надолго запомнятся слушателю. Похоже, Ultra Vague Recordings всерьез решил стать первым конкурентом Ninja Tune. По традиции, альбом доступен бесплатно в Сети, как и первое творение Jimmy Spoon’a — Eat With Spoon

Moon Voyage is a solo trip-hop project of Moscow producer and DJ Igor Shalapi, who is also known to be a member of Panic Dynamic duet. There is lots of synths, skretches, and samples that characterize the sound of this record, released on Ultra Vague Recordings (UVR)


Shalapi — Keys, Samples, Mixing

Sessional Musicians:

Anna Mia — Voice, Lyrics in “If I Believe” and “My Universe”
Inna Echoes — Voice, Lyrics in “Dreamers”
Paola Prinzivalli — Voice, Lyrics in “I Saw You”
Alexey Popov — Solo Guitar in “My Universe”

Moon Voyage — сольный трип-хоп проект одного из участников электронного дуэта Panic Dynamic, ди-джея и композитора — Игоря Shalapi.
За относительно короткий промежуток времени были записаны совместные треки с различными вокалистками и музыкантами. Среди них
Inna Echoes, Anna Mia и итальянская певица Paola Prinzivalli.
Музыка проекта насыщена вкроплениями синтезаторов, скретча, джазовых и электронных семплов.
Помимо написания своей музыки, Shalapi активно записывает ремиксы на русских и зарубежных исполнителей, среди которых Mairi, Tricky,
Portishead и Half Dub Theory.


Space Militia is a nickname of Wade Boyer, music producer from Indianapolis, US. His Debut album Corbomite was released on Ultra Vague Recordings on 29 Oct.


"The earth, the sky, it’s all of ours, everything is on borrow and we take nothing with us when we go.
I will give you all the deepest love I have expecting nothing in return. If u love my music, understand you’re the reason I exsist!
" — Wade Boyer
ULTRA VAGUE RECORDINGS (UVR) pres. I Love Japan, debut album of Russian producer Oleg Gabisov aka Karman Verdi. His music is light and expressive at the same time. There are 8 paintings with some Ossetian coloring. Our regular readers know track Japan as it was included into the 3rd Uvarious Artists compilation.


ULTRA VAGUE RECORDINGS (UVR) представляет дебютный альбом I Love Japan, электронщика Oleg Gabisov из Владикавказа, он пишет музыку под псевдонимом Karman Verdi. Наши подписчики и регулярные читатели уже знакомы с треком Japan по Uvarious Artists VOL.3. Его работы с небольшим оттенком , слегка напоминают Pogo. Музыка легкая и экспрессивная одновременно. В альбоме 8 электронных полотен и, хоть, в названии автор и говорит, что любит Японию, осетинский колорит все же уловим в его работах.


Новости от Ultra Vague Recordings!

This is a quick note about two recent releases, one was done as a support release for our partner label from Belarus, Ezhevika. The owner of Ezhevika is well-known to you as our roster artist Diamos Roll.
So, on 30 August we did this split release of

That Sky & Noise Beats - Void.

Ezhevika together with Ultra Vague Recordings present a split release by a Belarusian producer Alexander (That Sky) and a Moscow beat-maker Yaroslav (Noise Beats).

“We followed our favorite conception and recorded as much live instruments as we were able to: bass, guitar, acoustic, drums, piano and even violin in the most emotional track of the album Remember. Our most ambitious experiment is Great Hoax. It’s smooth, but at the same time very rhythmic, so we even put it through a test at the morning jogging! The album endures 20 minutes and something. We tried to make “compact” tracks, so that listeners won’t be able to understand the whole complexity and attraction straight away. You need to listen to this album attentively!”


Tree Bosier - Anchoring Effect

Tree Bosier is a one-man project of Max Anant'ev. Broken hip-hop rhythm in the basis and , , , along with on top, that's the sound of it.
Anchoring Effect is a pretty interesting thing in pshychology. Sometimes you sit in your room or in the office or wondering through the forest, looking for mushrooms or just running down the street chasing a bus. There is a change of light, a smell of perfume or a music from some old TV show and everything is changing right away. You feel calm and nostalgic. I wish I could feel it more often in life, but it seems to me the only ones managed to control it are the capitalists trying to sell us things through TV commercials and billboards.
- Max Anant'ev

Kubrick's Cube new EP is OUT!

Listeners and readers of Ultra Vague Recordings (UVR) webzine already familiar with HWG by track Old Chap, that was released on Uvarious Artists VOL.2 compilation in September 2011.

Hann with Gun is a one-man band founded by Ruslan Lepatov, musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer and radio host from Sevastopol, UA. His music falls into good old Ninja Tune, Warp and Mo’Wax standards. He is one of the promising new electronic trip-hop producers from Ukraine. Today we present his EP Beyond The Clouds. Enjoy!

Style: ,
Date: 25 January 2012
Quality: flac, MP3 320 Kbps
Country: Ukraine
Label: Ultra Vague Recordings
Catalogue # uvr1201
Artist website:
Label website:


1. Beyond The Clouds 04:10
2. Beyond the Clouds (Son of the Nature remix) 03:10
3. Beyond the Clouds (Glitch Galvanizer remix) 04:43
4. Beyond the Clouds (foreach remix) 05:25
5. Rekevin — Two ft. Hann with Gun 05:43
6. Tinavie — Lose ft. Hann with Gun 05:16


MP3 Lossless

2012 uvr promo group

Ultra Vague Recordings (UVR) is proud to present Diamos Roll with his debut EP Rosecode

FREE DOWNLOAD lossless / mp3:–-rosecode-2011-ep/

Label: Ultra Vague Recordings
Country: Belarus
Artist website:

1. Jazz Instinct 04:22
2. Last Night feat. Rusya 03:59
3. Triple Strike 04:12
4. Caramel (dub edit) 03:34
5. Milk Code 06:52

If you are a big fan of releases of such labels as Ninja Tune or Warp this work would definitly fit your taste.
Diamos Roll is a frontman of CherryVata, famous trip-hop, dancehall, live electronic band from Minsk, BY

All tracks written & produced by Dmitry Litvinovich (Diamos Roll),
Track #2, track #4 — vocal by Rusya,
Mastering by Alex Shulga

Design by WDFI ,,


Diamos Roll is the stage-name of a well-known Belarusian keyboard player, who is usually busy with the ensemble CherryVata. He is, we should point out, not the only member to prefer a moniker to whatever's written in his passport. CherryVata together, with real and imagined identities, have been publishing material on a regular basis since 2004, and "Roll" is usually credited with managerial responsibilities. It's not surprising, therefore, that he might ponder the appeal of a solo venture from time to time, as something of a sabbatical.
And so, in the multiple guises of composer, sound designer, and producer, he now announces a five-track, twenty-three minute mini-album, "Rosecode." It appears not only in the context of DR's professional work with CherryVata, but also against the backdrop of his (entire) biography. In other words, he traces the genesis of these new tracks to his childhood. "When Diamos Roll was a little boy, there was always a great deal of music around. The sounds of jazz, rock, and classical recordings at home were constant. As a student, he would later delve into electronic music, devouring anything he could find. At the same time, he began DJ-ing with cassettes and CDs."

That healthy diversity of styles and performative experience would be reflected in initial solo recordings. "DR took his first, eclectic steps within a wide range of styles - all the way from trip-hop and jazz to rock or techno." That same patchwork aesthetic continues in "Rosecode," with a particular penchant for ", , and ." The artwork helps to set the stage for some appealing and often striking combinations.

A solo project, of course, makes any such generic infidelity a lot simpler: nobody needs to be persuaded. On a related, but more pragmatic level, Diamos Roll has told the Belarusian press that touring as a one-man band should also be considerably easier. It's cheaper than wayfaring with an entire collective - and one is always open to last-minute, voluntary changes in the schedule. Solitude therefore has considerable benefits in a poor economic climate. - (FarFromMoscow text)

"Я понял, как я хочу проявить свою творческую идею. Я люблю джаз, фанк и различную «живую» музыку, но я не могу без электронного скрежета и мощи электроники. Поэтому стараюсь впитывать и передавать настроения и ощущения солнца, ветра, моря, людей, звука красивых инструментов, пропуская через себя, себя как диджея и музыканта, но через холод электронного звука. Мне нравятся противоречия и эклектика, я стараюсь показать и отобразить в музыке радость через некоторую монотонность и жесткость своей электроники. И я никогда не задаюсь целью получить привязку к стилю или получить звук модный, я выражаю то, что здесь и сейчас. Музыка – это проекция жизни на звук

- Diamos Roll


2012 uvr promo group
2012 ultra vague recordings

Ultra Vague Recordings proudly pres. Kubrick's Cube new LP Last Rave On The Moon Poetronic / Indietronic from Moscow based, one of the best new trip-hop live acts from Russia.

C большим удовольствием представляем второй альбом Kubrick's Cube, одной из лучших новых трип-хоп / поэтроник лайв групп из россии, базирующейся в Москве.

Give it a listen to promo mix of a coming album Rose Code by Diamos Roll (CherryVata).

1. Diamos Roll feat.Rusya - Last Night
2. Diamos Roll- Triple Strike
3. Diamos Roll - Caramel (version)
4. Diamos Roll - Milk Code

Please, enjoy and share!

Diamos Roll

Hey Everybody,
we are currently working on a second compilation. No probem If somehow you've missed the first one it is still available as a free download from here UVARIOUS ARTISTS VOL.1

We don't want to spoil a surprise so can't really name you the participants, but here is a little hint on what you might expect:


Read more about the band

We are constantly looking for some outstanding songs and bands to sign, so demo us if you'd like to get more exposure through Ultra Vague Recordings

Submit your track:
2011 uvr promo group

monoLTD, Serbian trio just released their first EP Dissloved. The album came out on Ultra Vague Recordings UVR ( on August 11 under Creative Commons.

320 Kbps FREE download

This trio was founded in Novi Sad, Serbia in 2010. Smooth and sophisticated ambience of jazz and soul with the sharpness of modern beats. Catchy melodies, played over the slow jazzy chord progressions, repeating through the simple arrangements. Rhodes, hammond or mellotron combined with sampled drums and lo-fi guitars create chill and relaxing atmosphere. Finally, a bright, soft female voice for total enjoyment.

Трио monoLTD образовалось в 2010 году в городе Нови-Сад, Сербия. В их творчестве мягкая изысканность джаза и соул музыки сочетается с современными электронными ритмами. Незамутненный женский вокал, мелодии легко запомнить, а аранжировки легки и прозрачны. Мы с удовольствием выпускаем их первый мини-альбом Dissloved.

Please spread your word about our releases and support good music.

Мы рады представить вам дебютный альбом
одной из самых заметных новых групп Швеции,
исполняющей музыку в стиле электроник
даунтемпо с восхитительным женским вокалом!

[UVR1103] Blicq - Blicq (2011) Trip-Hop / Downtempo

Style: , ,
Release Date: 10 May 2011
Country: Sweden
Label: Ultra Vague Recordings (UVR)
Band Website:


1. Civil Pulse ........... 03:47
2. In My Mind ............ 05:42
3. No Way Back ....... 04:10
4. Lay Down ............. 04:22
5. Breathe ................ 05:30
6. Tell You This ........ 04:55
7. Today .................... 04:20
8. Unreal .................. 04:53
9. My Doubts ........... 04:43


Ultra Vague Recordings (UVR) представляет:

Впервые в Киеве!
Единственный концерт в Украине!

22 апреля Rekevin не только впервые посетит столицу Украины с единственным концертом, но и презентуют третий альбом!

photo by Maria Ionova-Gribina

The artists we support: Blicq Mamanet New Edge Tango Tempo IMMAGO Frost Nova Каракуль So July Mangobay Liquid Break Kubrick's Cube Diamos Roll Fudo Kazuki Eskiz Koda Htrspltn monoLTD Kuno Yaroshi KARIZZA
KLIKA Project Rekevin Pur:Pur Half Dub Theory Sivan Levy Indie-ya Soulmama 99INJECTIONS Echo Gardens Keas NIMB 2Sleepy Ok girl Stemvelta KOOQLA Gorchitza Aesthete iz Dead

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