how to install the scrobbler on ubuntu :S

  • how to install the scrobbler on ubuntu :S

    Hi, I'm new to and linux(ubuntu)....i've used windows before and i knew how to do this....
    I've googled "how to install scrobbler on linux" but i couldn't even understand the first step :S
    it said to untar the source....i have no idea what that means :S
    can someone PLEASE tell me a step by step how to install scrobbler :S

  • Well, first of all what music player are you using? I know for a fact that Quodlibet has a built-in plugin for it, and I'm pretty sure Rhythmbox and Banshee do as well.

    • fteo sa...
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    • 9 nov 2011, 23:43
    The first thing to do to make your life easier is to always check in the software center. This way not only you can install your software quickly, but recieve updates for it as well. One more tip to avoid hassle, is that in case the software you're looking for is not available in the Ubuntu Software Center, to prefer .deb packages instead of the source and generic binary files, usually in .tar.gz form. .deb packages can be easily installed with a double click. I think that scrobbler is available in the Soft. Center, but you only need it in Ubuntu to listen to radio. In order to scrobble the tracks you are currently listening in your media player you need to just insert your username and password. Every media player I've tried (that is a LOT of them) has that function.

    • flueedo sa...
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    • 13 nov 2011, 23:23
    Guys, she's completely new to Ubuntu. And as it seems to Linux in general.

    @versatility-, unlike Windows, you have to set up the scrobbling for each player you might be using.

    First thing, do you know which version of Ubuntu you're using? Is it the latest (11.10 oneiric ocelot) or any of the previous ones?

    You tell us that and we guide you from there.

  • I use very good and lightwight winamp-like player DeadBeef with build -in scrobler.

  • I recommend 'minirok' for everyone. It is foobar like player for linux.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 23 jan 2012, 00:41
    If you're using the latest version of Ubuntu, you probably have Banshee installed. You should launch Banshee by clicking on your Dash home icon on the toolbar on the side of the screen, which brings up the selection of applications to start. Choose the one marked "Listen to Music". That should launch Banshee.

    After you get Banshee launched, it's a little bit to get the scrobbler function working. You have to go to the Edit Menu -> Preferences. That will bring up a window with a few tabs and a bunch of options. Click on the tab at the top of that window that says "Source Specific".

    Once you're on that tab, select from the dropdown menu Next to "Source:" (It's right at the top of the window).

    It should ask you for your username. Just plug that in, and then it will bring up a button that says "finish logging in." (Or it might launch a browser automatically, I don't recall exactly). At any rate, if the browser doesn't launch automatically, you should click the button that says "finish logging in" which will bring up a web page asking if you want to let Banshee access your account. Just say 'yes', and then Banshee should recognize that you've enabled the account.

    Make sure in the window in Banshee that you have "Enable Song Reporting" checked, so it actually scrobbles your plays.

    That should get you totally set up to listen to your music and have it scrobble to It should also let you access your radio from inside Banshee as well.

    I did have some slight problems when I first set up Banshee's scrobbling with getting it to authorize. If you need further help, feel free to message me on here, and I'll track down the resources I found that got it working for me, and I'll help guide you through what you need to do to fix the problem (It's pretty easy, but if you're very new, you might need a little bit of hand-holding. :) )

    Good luck!

    • Abenaz sa...
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    • 21 feb 2012, 15:09
    Great post, man ... it works for me .. tnx a lot

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