What's your tribe?

  • What's your tribe?

    Hey there!

    FindYourTribe is a Channel 4 project aimed at finding out about the different groups of people in today's culture - and with you guys being one of the most important and unique groups, we thought you'd be interested.

    We've narrowed it down to 26 different groups.... so why not have a go yourself, and see if you're what you think you are?

    FindYourTribe is a Channel 4 UK project, on a mission to find out about all the latest modern Youth Tribes in the UK.

    Do our quiz, and you'll be given a 'Tribe' that we think you belong to... you can then share your results elsewhere. We've narrowed it down to 26 different youth Tribes... from Townies and Chavs, to Emos and Moshers, there's got to be one for you. If you're bored, it will give you something to do... and if not, it'll be a laugh!

    Head over to http://www.findyourtribe.co.uk to take the quiz!
    • sinbox sa...
    • Användare
    • 20 sep 2008, 13:31



    today www.wirelessfm.net
    tommorrow the rest
  • Indie kid. Really?


    Im off to top myself now.

    I don't know. Ask someone else.
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