Which Tympanik Audio release you like the best ?

  • My favourites :
    Subheim - Approach
    Totakeke - ELekatota - The Other Side Of The Tracks
    Stendeck - Sonnambula
    Autoclav1.1 - Love No Longer Lives Here

    But SE - Epiphora is also really great. I have so much albums to discover, everything on Tympanik Audio is made of win, seriously.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 13 feb 2010, 00:23
    I not original, but Approach really good release. I think it's very emotional album from all tympanik. We must give to Kostas prize of spectator sympathies! :D

    Stendeck and Autoclav1.1 of course, lovely for me too :P

    • MrCheM sa...
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    • 4 mar 2010, 17:44
    My 7 favorites =) :

    TA004 | Subheim: Approach
    TA021 | Stendeck: Sonnambula
    TA027 | Autoclav1.1: Where Once Were Exit Wounds
    TA023 | Totakeke: The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes
    TA031 | Access To Arasaka: Oppidan
    TA012 | Autoclav1.1: Love No Longer Lives Here
    TA029 | Disharmony: Evolution


  • Just one? :D

    All the Emerging Organisms comps.
    Subheim - Approach
    Integral - Rise
    Aphorism - Surge
    Stendeck - Sonnambula
    SE - Epiphora
    Tapage - Fallen Clouds
    Black Lung - Full Spectrum Dominance
    Access To Arasaka - Oppidan
    Undermathic - Return To Childhood

  • (See {MMXV} Update)

    Redigerad av a_bleeding_star den 8 jan 2015, 03:15
  • {MMXV} Update:

    Tineidae ~ Lights
    Tangent ~ Transience
    Undermathic ~ 10:10pm
    Access to Arasaka ~ Aleph
    Access to Arasaka ~ Oppidan
    Undermathic ~ Indistinct Face
    Undermathic ~ Return to Childhood
    Candle Nine ~ The Muse in the Machine
    Idlefon ~ Intensive Collectivity Known As City

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