This Is Hell signs to TK

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    • 21 dec 2005, 10:00

    This Is Hell signs to TK

    BREAKING NEWS: Trustkill signs THIS IS HELL from Long Island! The hardcore superstars have been killin' it on the Most Precious Blood tour this past month, and have been hard at work touring incessantly in the US and Europe. You can check out songs from their self-titled EP on Purevolume and Myspace, and also cruise over to their website.

    This Is Hell will record their debut full length for Trustkill February 15th with Dean Baltulonis (Most Precious Blood, Sick Of It All) at Atomic Studios. Look for a Spring 2006 release. Get stoked!

    Check out next month's issue of Alternative Press where This Is Hell is chosen as "Top 100 Bands To Watch" for 2006.

    This Is Hell - Moving Targets MP3

    These guys are pretty good based on that MP3, looking forward to more

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    • 21 dec 2005, 21:47
    A good band, finally Trustkill signing s real hardcore group.

    Possibly a turn for the better.

    Here are the awesome record company groups that i lead here on Black Market Activities, Eulogy, Ferret, Ironclad, Lambgoat, Mediaskare, Metal Blade, Prosthetic, Roadrunner, Sumerian, Thorp, Trustkill, Willowtip
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    • 12 apr 2006, 18:27
    Check out brand new music from the forthcoming THIS IS HELL album "Sundowning" due out May 16! Also, you can now pre-order the album from Trustkill and receive a coupon for a FREE 'This Is Hell' t-shirt, and be entered to win a Limited Edition tour 7" record (Only 100 made!).Two songs are online here:

    "The Polygraph Cheaters" -->
    "Permanence" -->

    This Is Hell have just added all their tour dates with Bane and Modern Life Is War for June and July, so check em out and get ready for the best hardcore tour of the summer.

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