• making music

    5 apr 2007, 02:49 av koolsilver

    so i'm in two bands, but both of them are coming dangerously close to extinction. nevertheless, we've done our best, and gotten some awesome recordings made while we had the chance. they sound pretty awesome, if i do say so myself.

    memphis band Scandaliz Vandalistz tried to record an album on our own in summber 2005 and, unsatisfied with the results, we redid it with help from our good friend snoel in summer 06, and then toured with him. it was marvelous and our album I Forgot Where I Was Going, So I Came Back pretty much is too. we're very proud of how it sounds and the places it's traveled to. touring was the perfect sendoff to being in such an amazing band. team sv, go go go!

    my band in new orleans, appropriately called TRASH TRASH TRASH has been playing shows now for about six months and already we feel we're on the verge of falling apart. pregnancy, overseas travel, and loss of motivation loom over our heads constantly. we managed to record our (Half an Album) before our complete demise, and you can now listen to all of the songs on this site, so please check it out and share it if you feel so inclined. fuck copyright laws.... just please tell us if you are covering a song, kthnx.

    check out these albums and let me know what you think!

    lub lub lub, alannanananana
  • Best all-around interpreter of modern folks music

    6 apr 2006, 01:51 av shempmonkey

    Mary Lou Lord is an indie/folk rock musician and recording artist from Salem, Massachusetts, USA. She has also toured with Elliott Smith.

    She announced in 2005 that she was suffered from a rare vocal chord affliction known as spasmodic dysphonia. She thereafter became more involved in A&R work and started a new management company with her husband Kevin Patey (Raging Teens).

    Mary Lou is a treasure of the highest order, in the indie/folk universe. She has created a canon of simple yet highly personal deconstructions of "folk" songs - although terms like folk, indie, singer-songwriter are entirely inadequate - for her solo, quiet and intense little tributes to the genius of Elliott Smith, Nick Salomon (The Bevis Frond), Bruce Springsteen, Richard Thompson, Alex Chilton, Daniel Johnston, and other incredibly literary composers of recent years.

    While she plays some esteemed stages Mary Lou seems to feel most at home busking on the streets, in Austin at the South By Southwest Festival - an annual pilgrimage for her since the first time she showed up with friend and collaborator Elliott Smith, only to be turned away from the main performance area - and outdoor gathering spots (and transit stations) of Boston and Cambridge.

    A troubador in the classic sense, Mary Lou Lord collects and digests the greatness of artists including the aforementioned, both established and obscure. She takes evident care in maintaining their points of view but capably give their best work a new distinctive voice that is entirely her own. In performance, Mary Lou meshes those songs with her own too few compositions so that, together, they draw upon and document a postpunk emotional landscape of the early 21st century.

    See Mary Lou if you can. If you're particularly lucky it may cost no more than a Boston subway token.
  • 50 Foot Wave - Free Music

    15 dec 2005, 09:50 av Llamadance

    Ha, what a day. The new EP by 50 Foot Wave called "Free Music" is released today on You can download mp3's, Flacs and artwork from there.
    They've decided to release this EP free to the world, to circumvent the difficulties they've met with in the music industry, and to try and harness the enthusiasm of music lovers.
    For those of you who don't know, 50 Foot Wave are Kristin Hersh's latest band.

    And by the way, it's fantastic.