Trans Bands and artists

  • Trans Bands and artists

  • There are a few names not connected to the Transgender Group, some are unknown to me so i will check them out and connect 'em here. Thanx. Heard one of your compositions too but have to hear more because it was a bit short sounded not bad tough.

    We'll know where when we get there
    • aizsak sa...
    • Användare
    • 23 aug 2008, 02:17
    So I'd add The Cliks to that list, although you have their lead singer already. Also
    Antony and the Johnsons
    Hercules and Love Affair
    bitch and animal
    Hedwig And The Angry Inch although they are fictional...

    • Joyke sa...
    • Användare
    • 23 aug 2008, 07:17
    Antony, Herculus, Klaus Nomi and Hedwig are already connected artists. I will ask my girlfriend Wendy to connect the other ones.

    Yesterday i was able to survive, today i am able to win.
  • Bitch and Animal is actively transphobic. I'm confused about why they should be on the list?

  • The impression I've gotten is that Daniella (Animal) at one time identified as transgender and answered to male pronouns (not the only trans-masculine spectrum person to have supported the Mich exclusion policy).. but all that seems to have disappeared around the time a lot of people started responding to their hypocrisy and her acting career (ironically, as a trans man on The L Word) took off.

    • aizsak sa...
    • Användare
    • 26 aug 2008, 20:46
    so much drama, didn't even know

  • I was wrong. Animal and Daniela Sea aren't the same person; Daniela is Bitch's newer girlfriend. Animal's website says "biological woman, cultural wanman, cosmic tranny." "Tranny" card revoked, douche - you can use it again when you've lived just one day in a trans woman's shoes. S/he seems like one of those really common sorts of artists whose emotional maturity and reasoning stay in 8 year old daydreamer mode.

    lol @ the KKK analogy and "fascist thinking."

  • Your link was the first I'd heard of The Butchies supporting the Michigan policy. Oh no! I love them and Team Dresch. Why do good musicians have to be assholes?

    And, as an aside, I go sometimes to a Drag King event and they use drag king bar as a theme song. Some of the people in the show are trans, but they, and the audience LOVE this song. It's ironic that a transphobic band wrote an anthem to something, that for many, is a step in the coming out process.

    • aizsak sa...
    • Användare
    • 27 aug 2008, 20:20
    oh, when I said Nomi I meant the modern singer, not Klaus Nomi. She is a transwoman in Hercules and Lover Affair and has a solo album out, another on the way.

    I might get trashed for this, but I like and would add her to the list.

  • Amanda Lepore never heard of her but i 'll connect her and Nomi.

    We'll know where when we get there
  • Ooh my God! She poses topless. And she sing about her pussy (it was so expensive). Unfortunatly she is not available on Can't wait to hear that song (and she did something with Tiga so it's probably some kind of electro).

    We'll know where when we get there
  • hey all, thanks for linking me up (jonathan rachel williams). i'm really stoked about that, and about finding this group! :)

    you could also add adhamh roland to the list.

  • Hey welcome here. I'll also put you in my library. And i will also leave a shout to my girlfriend Joy, because i think you have similar musical tastes.
    Great that so many of you are active in the field of music. I only played drums in a beer-punk band for a couple of years and sung in a band called Sister Ray for about two months. Will perform behind the drum-kit later this year to acompany a female South-African (?) singer.

    We'll know where when we get there
  • hey nix, i'm fall_of_sophia on LJ.

    celesteh, I've experienced a bit of particularly ugly anti-trans woman sentiment among.. "lesbian partners of FTMs" and it seems like Bitch is hardly any different.. I noticed that Animal sent a 'fuck you' to the Radical Faeries during rapid fire manic episode postings to hir blog recently - I can only presume it's due to some RF groups excluding gay trans men.. and well, I hope whatever anguish ze feels leads hir to Get It one day. I doubt it, though.

    oh and I LOVE Amanda Lepore. whoever doesn't like her, tough-titty.

  • Coyote Grace

    FTM singer-songwriter and his bass-playing partner; sing about it. (Or at least *I* think they do ... but really, "I am a self-made man/Born of my two hands"? I've yet to hear a convincing alternate explanation. *smile*)

  • yay! hi! i haven't been on for a while, so i didn't get to reply.

    bucket_of_lead, hello! and yeah i've heard some crap re:bitch & animal too. :(

  • oh, and yes to joe from coyote grace being a transguy.

    and we should add emily in love - she is awesome! (

    and adhamh roland (

  • I'll connect them later this week tough i believe Amanda Lear and Tribe 8 are already connected artists.

    We'll know where when we get there
  • I've been informed that The Clicks should be on this list.

  • Don't forget....

    Pete Burns (Dead or Alive) -- Genderqueer/Gender "neutral"
    Venus Demars (All the Pretty Horses) -- MTF


  • Okay, All The Pretty Horses. Their name sounds familiar so i'll check it out amd connect them. Also Pete Burns. Lots of Sopor Aeturnus on your playlist NekroReaper. Amazing band!!!

    We'll know where when we get there
  • And i shall check out The Clicks too Celesteh!

    We'll know where when we get there
  • Also Dirty Sanchez, although I'm not sure if she's MTF or CD. Either way, good stuff!


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