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Group for all Trainwreck (Kyle Gass's side project) fans.

Jack Black:
If you like Tenacious D you might like Trainwreck

Trainwreck has been described by founder Kyle Gass (Tenacious D) as a cornucopia of rock and a 5-headed hydra of pleasure. Truer words were never spoken. Over the years, the Wreck has dirt-farmed a sound that lies somewhere in the realm of Southern Rock, but with plenty of forays into Prog-Rock, Boogie, and straight-up Classic Rock and Roll, as well as absurdist comedy banter and lyrics derived from the characters they’ve developed within the band. Always an unforgettable time, their shows have earned them fans all of over the globe, headlining venues in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. As a support act they’ve primed fans for sets by The Reverend Horton Heat, Vida Blue (Page from Phish), and Blues Traveler. The Wreck has also performed on The Jimmie Kimmel Show, and done guest spots for Current TV.

In late 2009 they released their long-awaited and much-hyped debut album, “The Wreckoning.” 15 tracks of what they call “Wreck and Roll.” It’s a sound all their own, cultivated from their influences, steeped heavily in the classics, and modified with their own unique set of talents. Fronted by biker-hayseed Darryl Donald (”Lee” of Tenacious D), and Kyle Gass (aka Klip Calhoun), and containing most of Tenacious D’s live/studio band (John Shredman, Boy Johnny, and Dallas St. Bernard). Throughout the majority of the film Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny, Gass wears a Trainwreck T-shirt.

At the beginning of year 2011 band demised. Most of members with Kyle Gass as leader made new band called Kyle Gass Band (KGB).

Official site:

  • Klip Calhoun (Kyle Gass) - guitar, vocals
  • Daryl Lee Donald (Jason Reed) - vocals, percussions
  • John Bartholomew Shredman (John Konesky) - electric guitar
  • Boy Johnny (John Spiker) - bass, vocals
  • Dallas St. Bernard (Nate Rothacker) - drums

    Former members:
  • Lance Branson (Chris D’Arienzo) - keyboard, vocals
  • Kenny Bob Thornton (Kevin Weisman) - drums

    Studio albums:
  • 2006: Trainwreck - The EP
  • 2009: The Wreckoning

    Live albums:
  • 2004: Trainwreck Live

Official music videos:

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