• SXSW Click festival make Temposhark a music video finalist!

    27 jun 2008, 16:46 av Temposhark

    Great news!

    South By South West's 'SXSW Click' music video competition has announced Temposhark's 'Blame' video by Motomichi a finalist in the 2008 competition for the best music videos of the year! Congratulations all round! You can vote at the SXSW website!




    Don't forget you can watch the nominated 'Blame' video at YouTube.com NOW or here on Last.fm of course!


    "Blame", the first video from London's electro-pop group Temposhark's debut CD, The Invisible Line, was created by Tokyo-born, Brooklyn based digital artist, Motomichi Nakamura. Motomichi's animations are each crafted from a palette of black, white & red. The playful and bizarre part human/ part monster character in the video confronts the dangers and pleasures of its abstract landscapes. www.temposhark.com Directed by Motomichi Nakamura. www.motomichi.com


    The Invisible Line (2008 debut album)
  • The musicalized life of mine Part II

    24 maj 2008, 23:14 av likufanele2001

    So this second list is like the dark part... there are a lot of things I haven't lived yet but I think I have and idea of how would it felt...

    Right after chosing a song for "Life's OK" I've got to chose one for "Life's not OK" and the truth is life's not ok very ofter... for very different reasons... but I also belive that either way life is going, it is all in our hands... we built or destiny with our choises, even when somethings are out of our control, like death or fate things... we have the choise to accept it and live with it in the best way possible, or live in denial... so that's why everytime life's not ok I think... Me I'm a Thief... anyway... "I don't expect you to understand this war"... says Sarah Slean in the song

    The comes the mental breakdown... What Else Is There by Röyksopp is that... a nightmare... a road.. where no one can see me... there's not much moe to say about this one...

    So, after you cry yourself out, you take your car and drive with no direction, I do this to keep my mind busy... and this is funny because... there in my car... in the outside world I'm so into my own world... " a world too slow" with my inner voice telling me "we are never coming home"... Esthero refelcts this feeling in Country Livin' (The World I Know)

    Then I start to Count Souvenirs "in another road", I'm having this flash backs of someone or sometime I really miss... and probably I'm still driving... "You feel embarrased like you drive your parent's car"... beautifuly done by Junior Boys... begging you not to touch anything... anything at all

    After that I decide to "Do the right thing... win or lose" and I start to look for my Wednesday's Child I don't think Emiliana Torrini wrote this one thinking about a "Getting back" situation... but now that I hear it from this side... it fits perfectly.. you hope the other one has been "crying in the rain" just like you have been doing it... since you're not together.. back then on "Stars all seem to weep"... and then the song finish with that promise... "Ain't gonna die".... you waited so long to hear that... you waited even more to say it...

    Next, I chose Honeycomb Child by Natalie Imbruglia for the "wedding" track because is the transformation of the Wednesday's child into the honeycomb child... more intimate... more domestic... Getting married is not into my plans.. but I chose this one because of the connection it has with the last one... this persone becoming part of your life... of the honeycomb.. and it has this line that says "You carried me in to bed from the car"... I don't know how to say it... but I think that is so much of a married couple... this intimate relation...

    Then it comes the final battle... but you never know which one's gonna be the last... so you fight each one as if it's the last one... Release by Afro Celt Sound System is more about the music... is an epic battle isn't it?... but the vocals, is like if your conscience is whispering to you "Be happy for me"... as something apart from your body or something that lives within... your conscience is just asking you one thing..
    so in this song I hear my conscience telling me "I haven't gone anywere but out of my own body"... while your body remains fighting... you are both a team...

    And there the "death" comes... your final minutes.. your body is dying... not your soul... not your conscience... so it sings you Stop Breathing. In this one Perry Blake takes the voice of my soul... and ask my body to release her... the soul, the spirit will remain.. the body's the one that fades...

    Next, the funeral... with your family, your friends.. specially your friends... because... you know your family is gonna be there... at least... the ones you love the most... but is at that point you know not all your friends are gonna show up... then in my funeral, there's this one I let down... at some point... but there comes forgiveness and he sings My Old Friend "It's funny because I didn't see it coming"... no... actually no one can see death coming... Emilie Simon sings it perfectly on this one

    And the "end credits" song it's like a summary... like what's after the death... and... they say we become ashes.. but I'd rather think I'll become part of The Water... if "she didn't realized it's dangerous size" then I wanna be a part of it after I'm dead.. like... in the story of Hans Christian Anderson "The Little Mermaid" where she becomes foam after she dies... and then come together with the element she has always been part of... the water... like the song by Feist

    So that was it... hope you liked it...
    I actually liked it ... very much
  • The musicalized life of mine

    24 maj 2008, 22:18 av likufanele2001

    So... I found this list, in somebody else's blog... and I thought it would be a good idea choosings songs for the soundtrack of my life... but as some of the situations on the list has't happened to me yet (like... dying and my funeral)... I decided I'd choose the ones that may describe the way I think or feel about something...

    So Keane are in charge of the Opening Credits with Atlantic... this tune could describe one of my biggest fear in this world... "I don't wanna be old and sleep alone"... so I'm trying no to (sleep alone.. because as far as I know there's no way of avoiding getting old)... "The day's begging now" ends the song and starts the other... Sweet Potato by Sia and this is very funny because the next thing of the list was "Waking up" so... I wake up and I turn on the TV, or log into my MSN account or listent to some music... and it's all like this... you think you know alot of things... like when you see a relationship from the outiside you can understand a lot of things... but when you're on the inside... it is all different "I'm a fool" so... I'm a witness to a couple that maybe doesn't even exists, maybe is just an invention of some TV producers or something...

    Then... I'm getting ready for my "first day at school" a new school I guess... and as I've been so long in the same fucking University (I did highschool and my degree on the same college) I can barely remember how did it felt when It was first day at a new school... "I'm doing it for dollars" yeah we are all doing it for money... and for some other reasons... but money is sure one of them... "money that burns in my hands" so the one that gets the feeling the best is Neverland by The Knife

    Next we go to the love thing... the hard part... the falling in love part... where you are there standing before somebody you don't know... and yet you're dying to get inside that person... The Operation by Charlotte Gainsbourg couldn't describe it better... "Our love under the knife, the heart was rejected by the host" and I'm not reading this line as a rejection... actually... I believe when you give your heart to somebody, and that person can't be so selfish that he or she gives it back, so you can keep your heart but share your life or a part of your heart... that's love!

    The the first kiss scene... this was hard because.. there was no song that could really describe that moment... but Surfing on a Rocket by Air is actually the kiss, that flash of light saying to me... "5 4 3 2 1 0... you'll never see me again"... and that's true... in less than a blink of an eye, that moment is gone... but remains in your memories forever... and yeah it actually feels like "Surfing on a Rocket"

    But nothing is all honey in this our earth... so the fight song... funny I thought of a lot of songs... but this one is as if I'm hearing myself having a discussion... I'm "not saying you deserve to die, just saying you deserve yourself" and myself too.. so... I'm asking "why can't we keep it Civilized?" It's a matter of two... not just one... and though Charlotte Martinseems to be spiting out everything in this song, she's also taking responsability on it.

    And what's the best way to calm down a fight? SEX!... oh yeah it is... the next thing on the list was "losing virginity" and I chose Insensible by Mandalay because it has this line that says "You invited me in... as if it's nothing"... and the fact that somebody either invites you to enter her or his body or you invite somebody to enter you... man! that's something! "now it's like I hardly see the sky somedays.."

    The the break up... after all the sex, all the fights and all the kisses.. "i stayed true to the things I knew when I was younger... when food and love was all but left to hunger" says Beth Orton in Stars All Seem to Weep and yeah... that's what I did, when I was younger, meaning a baby, when I needed something... all I needed to do was weep...

    The next one is the "prom" song... this one's sung by Jay Jay Johanson, the tune is Rocks in Pockets and this one's like a Hymn to the youth... to the rebels... even if that means... just wanting to go away for a while... escape parents, escape school... escape reality... and yet you feel you've got rocks in your pockets and you cannot run so fast... but you walk... fast.. fast enought to go away for a night... the prom night

    And then... after the rush of uncertainty.. the one that the future delivers.. the calm comes back again in Crosses by Zero 7 the "Life's OK" song... ad yeah... this song makes me feel like everything alright.. like I'm missing nothing... I chose the version against the original by José González just because it fits better with all the other tracks
  • Tori Amos - Discography

    25 apr 2008, 20:00 av ConsignedO

    Album: American Doll Posse
    Whats Good About It: Tori sounds really natural as she revamps a sound that is reminiscent of the 80s. A lot of strong power ballads and a nice inclusion of rocky instrumentation to accompany her trademark piano hooks pays off on tracks such as the instant Big Wheel and the seductive Mr. Bad Man
    Whats Bad About It: Lacks a sense of true personality- the songs, although dealing with real issues, don't have the same familiarity that was present on her earlier works.
    Favourite Track: Bouncing off Clouds

    Album: The Beekeeper
    Whats Good About It: Tori shows her originality- as she provides a brave output, including some of her most experimental tracks to date. The jazzy tones are especially evident on the catchy Sweet the Sting, whilst she stays true to her roots with such piano-led pieces as Original Sinsuality
    Whats Bad About It: The chorus-verse formula seems to be considerably overused- and alike American Doll Posse, the emotion in her music, although still evident, doesn't seem to be as prominent
    Favourite Track: Jamaica Inn

    Album: Boys for Pele
    Whats Good About It: Definitly an experimental outbreak for Tori- a strong album that gives her a chance to try new sounds and instruments, whilst still retaining her emotional side in such tracks as Marianne and Hey Jupiter
    Whats Bad About It: Few things, though Hey Jupiter (Dakota Version) should have surely been on there, if only as a bonus track
    Favourite Track: Marianne

    Album: From the Choirgirl Hotel
    Whats Good About It: A peak in the songwriting skills of Tori- an album of flawless emotion and passion forged through each track. The sadness in her voice throughout such masterpieces as Playboy Mommy and Spark is truly inimitable
    Whats Bad About It: A hard album to digest, due to its overwhelming emotion. But its certainly worth the effort
    Favourite Track: Playboy Mommy

    Album: Little Earthquakes
    Whats Good About It: An amazing debut- it personifies Tori and her music perfectly. Every song on the album is sang with pure warmth and talent, with witty lyrics and a gorgeous selection of upbeat (Happy Phantom) and calmer tracks (Mother)
    Whats Bad About It: Little criticism can be thrown at the album, though, alike From the Choirgirl Hotel, many may be turned away due to its very serious emotional tone on such tracks as Me and a Gun
    Favourite Track: Tear in Your Hand

    Album: Scarlet's Walk
    Whats Good About It: A very accesible album, perhaps due to its commercial success with lead single- A Sorta Fairytale. It provides some of the most heartwarming songs and a return to her beautiful form, after the split from her label.
    Whats Bad About It: Listening to the album in one go may prove tough due to its tremendous length (18 tracks) and its tone seems considerably downbeat for the most part.
    Favourite Track: Amber Waves

    Album: Strange Little Girls
    Whats Good About It: A very original approach to a selection of classic songs. Her renditions certainly take the songs to new levels and her vocals, as always, are on top form.
    Whats Bad About It: Despite filling the songs with passion and emotion, the tracks still have a sense of distance, and a lot of the wit and charm Tori usually possesses isn't as evident on this album.
    Favourite Track: '97 Bonnie & Clyde

    Album: To Venus and Back
    Whats Good About It: A very strong change in Tori's sound, once again, as she explores her sound further and delves into more complex and original compositions.
    Whats Bad About It: Some of the songs sound very over-saturated with the strong use of electronics. Also, aside from a select few tracks, for me, the album shows Tori at her most distant.
    Favourite Track: Bliss

    Album: Under the Pink
    Whats Good About It: An absolutely breathtaking collection- and a perfect follow up to her stunning debut. Her emotion truly pours through songs such as Cloud On My Tongue, whilst her wit remains in tact in the highly successful Cornflake Girl
    Whats Bad About It: Her 'heavier' segments may turn off potential listeners, as she begins to experiment with her sound- though essentially the album bases itself around her skilled piano playing.
    Favourite Track: Past the Mission
  • Temposhark's 'artist playlist' at iTunes USA now!

    15 apr 2008, 14:10 av Temposhark

    To celebrate the release of Temposhark's debut album, Robert from Temposhark was invited by iTunes USA to create his very own 'artist playlist', 18 of his favourite songs that have inspired him including artists like Tori Amos, The Cardigans, Pet Shop Boys, Camille and Kate Bush.

    Check it out now to find out more about the artists that influenced the Temposhark sound. On sale from 15th April 2008.

    Click here to listen to Temposhark's iTunes playlist


    TemposharkThe Invisible Line (2008 debut album)

    Click here to visit Temposhark's music page at iTunes
  • Richaod Presents... I Miss Björk - A Review of Stereogum's Tribute to Post

    2 apr 2008, 01:49 av Richaod

    I really wanted to like this cover album. I really did. And even though it fails miserably, I can probably find more redeeming qualities than most in the songs by Liars, Bell and Final Fantasy. I've yet to hear the previous tributes to OK Computer (I want a download, not a stream!) and Automatic for the People, so I can't make comparisons to those.

    Post is the only Björk album I physically own, and admittedly the only one I've listened to at length, though I'm not incredibly familiar with it. I think I quite like Björk where I should love her. The more you love Björk's idiosyncrasies, the more you'll likely hate these covers.

    I've tried to be descriptive here, so I can say "I told you so" when you download the album so you can complain about me being discouraging.

    1. Liars - Army Of Me
    The first song is generally not a good place to alienate your listeners by violently beating them into submission, especially indies with a low tolerance for sludge metal. Turns the original bassline from completely badass into a cacophonous beast, making its melody somewhat irrelevant whilst halving the song's tempo in the process. Not a bad idea, but the processed vocals and constantly abrasive atmosphere make it a difficult, even physically painful listen. Unfortunately, this is one of the stand-out (though not necessarily better) tracks here. A Black Sabbath-like version probably could've slowed the song without butchering it.

    2. Dirty Projectors - Hyper-ballad
    Puts a frivolous indie backing behind the song in the treble, stripping almost any emotion from it. What's worse is that the male vocalist sounds like a total twee pussy, and his tendency to vibrato EVERYTHING isn't helped by the disorienting delay between his singing in the left and right channels. And he actually vocalizes in the last chorus - something best left to your Mariah Careys and Celine Dions; at least they have technical ability.
    The song is about Björk throwing her possessions off a steep cliff, leaving them to the jagged rocks below... and the original melodramatic music is incredibly fitting. This sounds like a kid dropping his marbles off the top of a small incline. Whilst the other songs are unremarkable, you can make out enough of the original in this for it to actually be offensive. Piss-weak.

    3. High Places - The Modern Things
    I always thought Björk was wailing "Chairman Mao!!" in the Icelandic part. High Places might have been similarly confounded with what to do with the rest of the song. The vocals here echo and delay, with stuttered string samples and electronic beats, sounding more like a half-baked idea than the final cut. This is the first track to really reflect the overall subdued, pseudo-electronic feel of the rest of the album.

    4. Bell - It's Oh So Quiet
    Her voice isn't bad at all, and the verses have a likeable colourful electronic piano self-described as having a "Mozart"-type quality. Though she sings powerfully in the chorus, it's let down by the original orchestra's replacement by offbeat drums and synths. It flattens the dynamic contrast and power of the song rather than sounding like a successful reinterpretation.

    5. Pattern is Movement - Enjoy
    Reverbed, multitracked vocals over a dissonant, almost carnivalesque backing. Kind of interesting; still not listenable.

    6. Evangelicals - You've Been Flirting Again
    Vaguely tribal drums, vaguely swirling backing, vaguely intelligible lyrics. But clearly insignificant.

    7. Xiu Xiu - Isobel
    This seems to aim specifically for an avant-garde sound, pushing Björk into weirder, irrelevant tangents. Where Björk managed both individuality and solid songwriting, the overinflected vocals and occasional dissonant violin (replacing the soaring strings of the original) here just sound empty.

    8. Final Fantasy & Ed Droste - Possibly Maybe
    The wind/string instrument trills at the beginning sound very promising, but the song is more atmospheric than lush. Plodding programmed drums are introduced with the first chorus, and the strings' harmonies expand, but as often as not run off in wild, chromatic processed directions. While its feel is in the same vein as the last few, it's a slight improvement (though it doesn't need double-tracked vocals).

    9. White Hinterland - I Miss You
    The one live song of hers I've heard presented her as a typically beautiful folkie singer-songwriter - probably the wrong impression. Her vocals here sound distant, as if they've been recorded through a phone. Apparently her drummer "lost his kit", so he played on pots and pans instead... maybe more appropriate for a Björk song than a full drum kit. Slightly dissonant backing keyboards, check. Continues the heads-down atmosphere.

    10. El Guincho - Cover Me
    Uhh. Ironically for the song title, he seems to have done nothing of the sort. It sounds as if he's sampled his original cover of the song, copied and pasted totally unintelligible snippets, panned and processed them in sequence to give the illusion of change, and finally thrown a random dance beat behind it, because everyone knows Björk likes electronic drums. It's not a cover, it's not a reinterpretation, it's just grating and irrelevant.

    11. Atlas Sound - Headphones
    Nice to finally hear an acoustic guitar, but it's still buried behind vaguely electronic sounds and a distant, unintelligble vocal. But the original is equally distant, so intangible that I've never quite grasped it... so I can't really say if the cover's bad.

    12. No Age - It's Oh So Quiet (Alternate Take)
    They actually play the verse clarinet melody on guitar! That's the one good part. But the rest is not so much grunge/depressed alternative rock as a pastiche - like South Park's take on Marilyn Manson. He transforms Chef's original porno-funk Stinky Britches into a tuneless dirge. You know the sound - detuned, fuzzy power chords and a slurred, slacker vocal delivery containing no irony or self-awareness whatsoever.

    I must admit, the worst tribute albums all have one redeeming quality - they make you appreciate the original artists more. If you disliked Björk's singing before this, you won't now.
    Generally, I prefer covers that are reworkings, even unsuccessful ones, to weak run-throughs in the original style. But not these. The problem lies in that most of the artists here seem to feel as if a complete renovation is obligatory. A typical way of doing so is by trying to do another Jeff Buckley to Hallelujah, stripping the song down acoustically to its root chord progressions and soft vocals. Especially given the electronic nature of many of the tracks, such attempts would've been welcome here, even if lazily rendered. But here the self-indulgent covers sound as if the artists have tried to force more complexity into the originals whilst making them subdued at the same time. None of them reflect either Björk's brilliance or anything that could resemble their own bands' sound, whatever that is (I've previously heard of four of these artists, listened to one).

    Remember that It's Oh So Quiet is a cover in itself, of jazz song Blow a Fuse by Betty Hutton. In the end, the fact that Björk makes the triumphant cover totally hers, and these artists' covers are weak, says everything about her and them.

    Download Stereogum Presents... Enjoyed: A Tribute To Björk's Post
    I encourage you to preview the tracks before downloading the zip, if you do. And make sure you do so out of curiosity, not an expectation of good music.

    Download Big Heavy Stuff - Hyper-ballad (from triple j's Like A Version) - m4a format
    Shows that Björk IS coverable. Big Heavy Stuff do a decent acoustic adaptation made rather imposing by the use of a cello, making the original bassline much more audible.
  • Temposhark album is out now on CD and digital download!

    31 mar 2008, 22:11 av Temposhark

    Hiya last.fm crew,

    Robert here from Temposhark!

    I just wanted to write to let you know that our debut Temposhark album 'The Invisible Line' is out on cd THIS WEEK! - Mon 24th in Europe and Tues 25th in USA/Canada!

    Plus it's already on sale at iTunes worldwide so head over there now if you use iTunes! There's even a cool bonus track that's no on the CD, a new version of Neon Question Mark. Napster also has a bonus song called Snow.

    It'd be awesome if you could leave us an album review on iTunes for us too! :) The NME, the UK's music bible, has just praised the album in the UK giving it 7 out of 10 stars! Yay!

    I also wanted to make sure you knew about two competitions running right now. The info is below, and can also be seen on our Temposhark myspace page.

    Thanks for your support over the past few years and hope to see you on tour in April and May!

    Thanks! Rob. x

    Win an ipod loaded with The Invisible Line enter on MySpace. com/temposhark

    NME –" they could be your new favourite band"

    DJ Magazine "Love it!"

    US Tour Dates to be announced this week - kicking off in New York at Crash Mansion on 16th April

    and in London at Hoxton Square Bar Kitchen April 10th

    Design a T shirt for the Temposhark Tour and win Prizes see Myspace. com/temposhark

    Join our mailing list on www. temposhark. com and please tell your friends!

    The Invisible Line (2008 debut album)

    15 mar 2008, 00:52 av Temposhark


    NME have praised Temposhark's debut album, giving it a positive thumbs up with 7 out of 10 in this week's NME album reviews... check it out in the magazine which is out now from UK newstands (15th March 2008 issue).

    Temposhark 'The Invisible Line' (Paper and Glue/Defend) "What if Trent Reznor was raised on the Pet Shop Boys rather than Einsturzende Neubauten? Think these dudes... they could be your new favourite band. 7/10"

    You can pre-order the UK version of the CD now from HMV.co.uk or Amazon.co.uk or Play.com

    50 exclusive signed UK copies can be ordered now from RecordStore.co.uk

    iTunes have the album on sale NOW with an exclusive bonus track and PDF artwork.

    The countdown continues...

    Temposhark HQ x

    p.s. for USA fans, try Amazon.com or iTunes USA) to buy the US version of the album!

    The Invisible Line (2008 debut album)
  • First impressions: Joni Mitchell - Blue

    12 feb 2008, 09:25 av Richaod

    Joni Mitchell - Blue

    You know, maybe I'm too influenced by narrow-minded classical major/minor key views, and maybe it's just the hype around this album, and maybe I'm not paying attention to the lyrics enough...

    But I was under the impression that this is supposed to be something overwhelmingly sad. I guess her voice communicates the emotion (when she's not singing in her high range), but I swear I didn't hear a single minor chord until the title track. River is wonderful, but otherwise at the most I'm getting wistfulness, like a nostalgia for past, happier times.

    I acknowledge that I could be wrong, and it's just the first time I'm listening to it. But I'm getting the same reaction to this that I had with Iron Maiden - with whom I expected some dark Satanic metal and got happy major-key metal with lyrics which, when removed, could easily have been a song about wanting to rock and roll all nite (and party every day). Joni Mitchell is pretty far removed from devil-worshipping metal, but melodically, so is Iron Maiden.

    ...most confusing final sentence ever.

    Revision: I'm not getting the depressed nervous-breakdown whispers I expected. Or kaftans, which a friend of mine seemingly mentioned in relation to Joni Mitchell. Either would be nice.