Favourite project?

  • Favourite project?

    I know it's probably hard to choose, but what's your favourite Todd Smith project?

    Mine's either Dog Fashion Disco or Polkadot Cadaver - they were the first I heard. ;)

    This is...ugly. It's like a cyclops, with a MILLION EYES!
  • Polkadot Cadaver, but all his other stuff is epic.

  • Dog Fashion Disco was my first love and will forever be my favorite. I love everything todd has done, and i'm dying to hear the whole knives out cd.

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    • 10 okt 2010, 19:34
    I really don't know. The problem is that I get rather quickly bored with Smith's projects, especially The Alter Boys. I like the band and they're really cool, but I had enough in quite a short time, the same happened to Polkadot Cadaver. So I choose Dog Fashion Disco, though I like all bands that Todd was a part of.

  • obviously dfd...its the most versatile of all his projects so its inherently the best.

  • I fell in love with Polkadot Cadaver first
    and then discovered Dog Fashion Disco about a year ago, I still haven't heard all their songs, but I love it just as much as Polkadot Cadaver, if not more
    I just recently started listening to the Alter Boys and El-Creepo! so I haven't really formulated a solid opinion yet, but I love what I've heard so far
    but Todd is an absolute genius and I've loved everything so far

  • Dog Fashion Disco. 'Adultery' and 'Anarchists Of Bad Taste' are legendary.

  • Dog Fashion Disco

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